MOVIE REVIEW: Role Models (2009)

Because of its inseperable connection with the Hottest Band in the Land, I have a movie review today.  But in the context of my favourite band:  KISS.

Role Models (2009, 99 minutes, Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott)

All these “bro” movies are from the same mold.  The same general plotline applies.  There’s a pair of funny guys who have a love/hate thing going on.  There’s a girlfriend, usually a professional of some kind, to win or win back.  There are usually dick and fart jokes.

Role Models is all this, so I won’t go and tell you that it’s different from Knocked Up, Superbad, or Mr. Woodcock in any significant way.

Except one.


In one of the earliest scenes, Scott throws Love Gun into the car deck.  “Kiss?  Nobody likes Kiss.  Paul Stanley is sick of Kiss,” says Rudd.  Yet, the song “Love Gun” is a recurring motif in Role Models.

Here’s the plot in a nutshell:  Two guys work for an energy drink company called Minotaur.  Their job entails doing presentations to kids in schools to stay off drugs, and drink Minotaur instead.  (“We’re selling nuclear horse piss to kids” – Rudd.)  One day it all goes wrong for Rudd and his girlfriend Beth (get it?  See where this is going?)  Rudd goes a little nuts at a presentation, and his giant minotaur truck ends up mounting a horse statue in the school yard.

Luckily, Beth is a lawyer and cuts Rudd and Scott a deal where they have to volunteer with “Sturdy Wings”, sort of like a big brothers program.  They each have to mentor a child for a set number of hours.  The program, run by a hilarious Jane Lynch, is only mildly creepy.

Later on, Scott teaches his little friend about Kiss.  “These guys look like clowns,” says litle Ronnie.  Scott explains that they’re not, they’re actually really rich Jewish guys, and all their songs are about fucking!  This interests his young friend, who then starts dancing to “Love Gun”.

“See Ronnie?  His dick is the gun!” explains Scott helpfully.

Meanwhile, Paul Rudd’s little buddy is played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse (known to you as McLovin).  Augie loves the fantasy role playing thing, and takes Rudd to a battle.  Rudd is not impressed (“I just spent the afternoon with Gleep-Glopp and the Floop-dee-doos”) but decides to help Augie when he needs battle companions.

I don’t want to spoil the ending, except to say that before credits role, you will hear at least two more Kiss songs, and see four characters dressed in Kiss makeup and battle armor for a climax that finishes the movie on a hilarious note.

Other great talents in this movie included Joe Lo Truglio and Ken Jeong, so check it out if that sounds like your kinda thing.  And especially if you’re a Kiss fan.

5/5 stars

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