A Quickie: Sabbath, O2 Academy Birmingham

I just want to say a couple quick things about the Sabbath reunion, Tony, and the drummer situation.

I think when the Ozzy-fronted version of Sabbath was put on ice in 2006, it was a good thing, because they were sounding stale and boring.  It also gave Dio a chance to come back one more time.  But, from the 02 footage I’ve seen, Sabbath are a lot better now than they were in 2004/5/6.  They are playing a few different songs this time which is cool.

Tony looks great, considering what he has been through with his health.  This show must have done Tony a world of good for his spirits.  He played great and you wouldn’t have known anything was wrong with the guy.

And finally, the drummer.  Bill Ward’s an interesting character with a complex set of ethics that often leaves me fascinated if not baffled.  In the 70’s nobody else could have been the drummer of Black Sabbath, his sound was so integral to the original band.  I wish he was involved with the studio album for that reason, but I don’t believe that Bill Ward can play that way anymore.  You really notice a shift in his drumming style from about 1983 onwards.    Tommy Clufetos, from what I hear, is a decent enough drummer.  I find him both visually interesting and distracting.  I’m sceptical, but I’ll bite.  In the end you have to assume, regardless of his Ozzy connection, this guy wouldn’t have got the gig if Geezer wasn’t into him.

Looking forward to more shows.  Get well Tony Iommi!


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