BOOK REVIEW: Dale Sherman – The KISS FAQ

I’ve had numerous requests for some rock book reviews.  So let’s start with a new release:  Dale Sherman’s The KISS FAQ!

DALE SHERMAN – The KISS FAQ – All that’s left to know about the hottest band in the land (2012 Backbeat Books)

Dale Sherman’s written two of the best unofficial Kiss books:  Black Diamond, and Black Diamond 2.  Both are noted for their almost OCD level accuracy, objectivity, attention to detail, and ample Eric Carr content.  Sherman was lucky enough to get some really excellent Eric Carr interviews, and his perspective is one that isn’t often reflected in Kiss written works today.

A new book from Sherman was very welcome to this fan.  According to the author, this book is about “the various topics that fans discuss at the hotel bar after a Kiss expo,” and that about covers it!  The minutaie.  The tall tales, myths and truths.  The who-played-what-when.  Lists, lists, and lists.  The albums, the personalities, and the personas.

There are also some nice black and white pictures of memorabilia and artifacts from the author’s collection.  The author seems to have a large collection, so there are plenty of pictures to leaf through.  Colour would have been nice, but then I wouldn’t be paying $22.99 for the book, would I?

Don’t expect writing with a lot of flare, but do expect encyclopedic knowledge.  My one beef is this.  I’ve already read Black Diamond and Black Diamond 2 numerous times, and there’s quite a bit of overlap between those and The KISS FAQ.  It’s not the same text, but the subject matter overlaps.  The compensation for this is that The KISS FAQ is up to date, where Black Diamond and Black Diamond 2 were both circa the reunion era.

As a Kiss fan who likes to pretend I already know it all, I enjoyed this book.  It was like a refresher course in Kiss.  There’s lots of obscure facts I’d forgotten about.  It was a helpful reference when I did my recent series of Kiss album reviews.  Recommended.

3.9/5 stars


  1. Whew, this came hot on the heels of the first in your Maiden series. Man, you’re rocking the content today!

    So you didn’t say: was there anything in here you HADN’T KNOWN BEFORE? You admit there were things you’d forgotten, and that a lot of it was from the other books, but not NEW TO YOU. Did you already know it all? ;)

    Man, for $23 they could make the friggin’ pictures colour.


  2. Black Diamond 2 was pretty bad too. Someone should have told those topless girls that Paul’s star goes on the right EYE, not the right nipple. The girl on Black Diamond 2 was even holding a whip. Not sure what that had to do with the book! I must have had an abridged edition.


    1. I bought it when I was fairly new at the Borders. I had to get a manager to put it through at the discount rate and she looked disgusted! So embarrasing… but worth it for the stellar read! At least the KISS FAQ has a fairly tasteful cover.


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