REVIEW: 58 – Diet For A New America (2000)

58 – Diet For A New America (2000, Americoma Records)

58:  Nikki Sixx and Dave Darling with Steve Gibb (son of Barry) and somebody called Bucket Baker.

It’s a tell-tale sign when a member of Motley Crue names an album after a Vegan health book! This album has no teeth. It also has no songs to speak of.  I guess Nikki and Darling took a random approach to the record, to be really experimental, and that’s cool.  It doesn’t mean the results were any good to listen to though.

It’s been…man, probably close to 10 years since I sold this CD. I did give it a try. I was exploring all kinds of music at the time from Zappa to Prodigy to Miles Davis but this is just loaded with non-songs and electro-techno-crapology.  There was only one song that I liked, which was called “Piece of Candy”.  It’s like…bad Beck, I guess.  I also remember a very lame spoken word thing called “El Paso” which sounded like an outtake from Alex Lifeson’s Victor album — but not as good lyrically or musically.

There are two covers:  Motley Crue’s “Song To Slit Your Wrist By”, a Generation Swine bonus track, and “Alone Again (Naturally)” by Gilbert O’Sullivan.  I’ve never liked either song, especially O’Sullivan.  (Radio Station Girl loved that stupid song.)

I’ve read some people praising this album for being “different”. No, it’s not different. It’s different from Motley Crue. But, unfortunately, there were a hundred bands peddling this techno-rock-junk at the time.  One of my readers, Deke, says that he thinks Nikki chases trends.  Well, here’s 58 to add credence to his theory.

1.5/5 stars.


    1. Your follow-up is called Chicken Soup For The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. And the tour is called The Celestine Secret World Tour. If you just think about this stuff, it”ll HAPPEN! Bahahahahaha idiots who believe that shit.


  1. Thing is, I really shouldn’t like this at all. But I do. I think this album is brilliant. Piece Of Candy is of course the most commercial tune here, but I think there are lots of them that could have worked commercially, with a little luck.
    And Song To Slit Your Wrist By was never a Mötley Crüe song at all. The version that you get on the Japanse version of Generation Swine is exactly the same version as on this album. Why they decided to put a 58 song on a Mötley album leaves me cluesless. Also, Lita Ford made a cover on that song on her new album Living Like A Runaway.


    1. So here’s the thing — you told me about Song To Slit Your Wrist By being the same version as 58 about a week after I ordered the Japanese edition of Generation Swine. How disappointed I am.

      But it’s a cool LOOKING package and I’ll probably do a photo review of it just because it’s so much bigger than the regular CD version.


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