News: MÖTLEY CRÜE Attacked On Stage In Saskatchewan; Video News MÖTLEY CRÜE Attacked On Stage In Saskatchewan; Video.

This really pisses me off, especially to see it happen in a place such as Canada.  We try to keep our image as the nice guys of the world, and then this jackass knocks down Mick Mars.

Like Nikki Sixx (or somebody) said, “What the fuck is wrong with you, you fucking idiot?”

Mick Mars has a very painful bone disease (ankylosing spondylitis).  I’m guessing he could have easily broken his back in that fall.  You can see how freaked out everybody is, and that he can’t get up on his own.

Hope you’re feeling OK today Mick, come back to Canada anytime, don’t let one idiot ruin it for you.

Mars  says: “Thank all of you for your concerns about me being knocked down last night I’m alright nothing broken. My body guard Rhyno got 2 busted ribs.”

It happens at the end of “Primal Scream”.

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  1. Wow. From the camera angle it looks hard to tell what happened. How did the guy even get past security? It baffles me that people can be lax at their jobs, yet at the same there are people who will go these lengths. Even though I’m not a MC fan, I wish the guy a speedy recovery.


    1. Yeah that’s a good point — lax security, in a time when we already know what happened to Dimebag. Mick Mars could have easily been the next Dimebag last night.


        1. Yes and in that case the individual died — security’s job is to make sure nobody gets hurt!

          Like I say, it’s guys like this idiot who ruin the concert experience.


        2. Yeah, that’s true. I remember about ten or so years ago, at Reading (a festival) where we were waiting to see Metallica headline, and the people started throwing bottles towards the front and then back again. Different scenario, but the individual ruins it for the majority.


        3. I don’t know where people get the idea that flying glass is a good thing.

          Back in 1989, Sebastian Bach from Skid Row was hit in the head by a bottle thrown by a fan. He reacted…unwisely…and threw it back. He hit the wrong person, and a girl had to have reconstructive surgery on her face!


    1. I wonder if these morons are hoping to be on Youtube the next day (stupid idea), or if they’re just that completely stoned (stupid reason to miss a concert and wreck everybody’s night).


  2. Not a huge fan of today’s Crüe, but this is just repulsive fan behavior. Let’s not lose sight of the fact this is the entertainment BUSINESS. The Crüe is wanting the fans’ money, and the fans still want/get some form of entertainment from this band of rockers, over-the-hill or not. Neither party should be entering into this arrangement expecting any kind of physical harm.


      1. Rarely attend concerts anymore (health-related), yet seeing this and also the memory of The Station nightclub fire make me queasy. The performer(s) and the fans are there for each other. No one should be endangered.


        1. Hey, same here. Rarely attend concerts anymore, health related. I’m making a special exception in September, because me and my best friend Peter have always wanted to see Black Sabbath.

          Unfortunately my wife suffers from epilepsy, and she had the chance to go see U2 for free while she was working for BlackBerry. It broke her heart to have to say no to U2.


        2. I should/would make an exception for Sabbath, too! Best wishes to yer wife. That is a drag.


  3. Unfortunately, morons are everywhere. Get a crowd together like at a show, and you exponentially increase the odds of having a moron in your vicinty. I’ve been to lots of concerts where one (or more) people in the crowd either needed to calm down or be put down. Hard. Lots of reasons for it, but mainly it’s just that no matter where you go, there might be a stupid person about to do something stupid. They are not the majority, not even close. Most people are there to have a good time and enjoy the music. Most people are fine. But it just takes one. Glad the Crue came away OK. And I don’t think it has anything to do with SK or even Canada. It could happen anywhere (as other commenters rightly pointed out).


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