Gallery: Johnny Cash figure (Sota toys)


This was a gift from Mrs. LeBrain.  Johnny Cash, the Man in Black!  This figure, from 2005, captures a younger, tougher Johnny.  I love the little details like the nylon guitar strings, and the gold dots on his necktie.  Not much articulation here, so this one has some very limited poses.  He does come with a nice, detailed railroad track figure stand.



  1. Very cool figure! I have this guy… one of the few figures in my collection that’s still mint-in-package. Just thought it was too cool to open. I’m going to give it to my little nephew next time I see him. He’s an unusually young Johnny Cash fan. Obviously, my brother is raising him right!


    1. Very cool man! That’s inspiring to hear.

      OH! Forgot to mention — a third party company is doing a Metroplex gun, so you can still have a two-gun ‘Plex without shelling out for the big expensive Japanese version.


        1. For sure, this means I can choose my purchase much more easily. My wife will be so happy!

          (Especially since I told her I saw a 3rd party Computron from Maketoys coming in 2014…)


    1. He only has a guitar though. Batman has ranged weapons like the Batarang, whereas Johnn would have to wait for Batman to get close enough to take a swing.

      I put Batman on top for that matchup. Unless you are talking about a Zoolander-style walk-off. Then Johnny wins.


  2. This is awesome. I didn’t even know it existed. Very cool.

    You know what I want for Christmas? The John A. MacDonald action figure! Yes, it exists. It’s not music-related, but since we’re talking about action figures of our heroes…



      At some point in the near future I fully intend to work in my Sir Wilfrid Laurier action figure. I haven’t figured out how yet…but I WILL! In fact I was going to throw it in here as a mind-fuck at the end, but it wasn’t working and wasn’t funny so I axed it at the last minute!

      John A. is from the same series but much rarer, it seems.


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