Part 138: Remembrance Day [Reblog]

This is a reblog of last year’s RECORD STORE TALES Part 138: Remembrance Day.


Every November 11 at the store, I always killed the sound at 11:00 am for one minute.  I remembered going to the cenotaph every year when I was a kid, and watch my Grampa with the other old soldiers laying the wreaths.  I plugged my ears when the canons fired!  The least I could do as an adult is kill the music for one minute.

This one is for my Grampa and veterans everywhere.



    1. Marko did an excellent moment on Dave FM today as well. They also played Highway of Heroes by the Trews a few times.

      I will have to take pictures of those medals. That would be perfect for next year!


  1. I remember that pic from last year. Of course, I am commenting on this post a day late, but I’m with you, man. I always mark Remembrance Day , and I mean it wholeheartedly. This year, I even threw a post onto the HAAPs, just to make sure it got noted in that silly corner of the interwubs.

    And yep, it was Into The Fire. Track 8.


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