GUEST MUSIC VIDEO: Tom & Uncle Meat – “Here Comes LeBrain Again”

Lyrics by: Tom & Uncle Meat.
Lead vocals:  Meat.
Backing vocals:  Tom.
Music by:  Annie Lennox/Dave Stewart (The Eurythmics)



  1. Now for some context on this. This little parody song was originally done as audio bit for last year’s Sausagefest. I did up the little video the other night. The vocals could be better, i remember my voice was pretty shot that day. But it is what it is. I really like the background vocals by Tom in the chorus. “La-dan, la-dano….La-dan, la-dano. He actually did them a few days after the original track was recorded. Such a brilliant and inspired idea. Anyways, we do alot of song parodies involving Sausagefest attendees in the lyrics of them. Most of them are NOT able to be shared outside the Sausagefest circle due to explicit and offensive content. This was one of the less controversial ones and a fun little parody on our favorite blogger. Enjoy.


    1. Thanks man, I really enjoyed this and the video accompaniment. I too thought Tom’s backing vocal turned out very well. Great job guys. I may have to do my parody for you guys this year — “Pour Some Sugar On Meat”.


    2. Used to have one but it is not the same anymore. We get alot of them from youtube and use a youtube uploader to get them ..

      thats a pretty good one .. its got the background vocals though. I suspect that most if not all karaoke versions of this song would have them.


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