REVIEW: Jimi Hendrix – “Valleys of Neptune” (2010 7″ single)

Welcome back to the WEEK OF SINGLES 2!  Yesterday we took a look at Dream Theater’s “Lie” — click here if you missed it.


JIMI HENDRIX – “Valleys of Neptune” (2010 Experience Hendrix, Record Store Day release)

I’m just a casual fan, certainly not an expert on the labyrinthine Hendrix back catalog of songs. There are so many takes both released and “previously unreleased” of so many songs. Anyway, bottom line, here is “Valleys of Neptune”, a previously unreleased 40-year old take of a Hendrix song, the title track to the 2010 album it comes from. This is via the official Hendrix-family-approved reissue program. It’s a pretty cool looking single, with suitably 60’s cover art suiting the title, and painted by Jimi himself. The tune itself is a catchy toe-tapping Hendrix rocker performed with Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox.  It’s pieced together from recording sessions in 1969 and 1970.

The B-side is a previously unreleased version of “Cat Talking To Me”.  This one was not made available on Valleys of Neptune, not even as a digital download bonus track.  You can only get it on this single.  Jimi cut this one with the Experience in 1967, but Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding returned to the studio in 1987 to add the bass and drums.  Why it wasn’t released in ’87, I don’t know.  I like this one better than the A-side.  It has a good little groove going, at times anticipating where Aerosmith would take American rock and roll in the 1970’s.  The lead vocal is by Mitchell.

For something cool to add to your collection, you can’t go wrong with “Valleys of Neptune”. It looks neat, it sounds great, and the cover art and rare track are sure to make this a collectible.

4/5 stars

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  1. That’s a great collectible! I’ve never paid much attention to all this Hendrix archive stuff (apart from the “First Rays…” album if that counts as archive). I see that the Experience box set was re-released recently. I could maybe be tempted by that for some rare/live tracks but I’m too casual a fan to dig much beyond that.


    1. I have one Hendrix set that suits all my needs. Of course I can’t remember the name! Purple cover, it was once a 3 record set put onto 2 CDs. It’s got a great live version of Gloria that makes it worth the purchase.


      1. I’ve got the studio albums from the time and the First Rays set. A couple of live albums and a few DVDs. Oh, and the BBC sessions album which is fantastic. That’s usually enough to scratch the Hendrix itch when I get it! I maybe wouldn’t mind adding some more later though.


  2. Ooooo that’s a pretty one. I sure do like me some Hendrix. It pleases me when they release singles like this. The family seems to have a respectful approach to the back catalogue.

    As for me, I have the Smash Hits, Blues and People, Hell & Angels here, but I used to have much, much more. Wanna get the studio albums back in my life, for starters. Dammit it has happened again. Come to Lebrain’s, be reminded of more music you need to buy…


    1. Dude you ain’t seen nothing yet, the pretty stuff is just beginning. I think in many respects Friday will be the most visually appealing installment of the Week of Singles 2.

      You have a pretty good Hendrix collection right there. I have Smash Hits as well, just to have it.


      1. My daughter got a Napoleonic soldier one – the coat with all the gold braiding on just screams ‘JIMI’ at me …

        I’ll review another one before too long then.


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