Help me ROCK a walk: MINDS IN MOTION

On Sunday May 11, I will be participating in MINDS IN MOTION – the Kitchener-Waterloo walking classic.  To quote the cause:

Physical activity helps mental health patients in many ways, both physical and mental. Walking is a great way to clear the mind and cleanse the body. It’s hard to walk a mile when you don’t have shoes to walk in. Minds in Motion provides new, high-quality running shoes to low-income mental health patients in Waterloo region. Help them walk a mile in THEIR shoes.



This is a cause I am quite passionate about as we have discussed before.  If you’d like to throw a little support my way, any amount is appreciated!  Click here to donate.

And if not, that’s cool too!  I’ll be back tomorrow with my next White Lion review.  Cheers!



    1. According to the physical paper signup sheet that I have, “Tax receipts will be issued for pledges $10 and over.” Last time I donated I believe I got a tax receipt emailed immediately.

      But I don’t want anyone to feel obligated or pressured…just trying to spread the word and gain your positive vibes!


        1. I’ll walk extra good!!

          Maybe I should start a survey:

          Weather permitted, what band should I wear on my T-shirt that day? Should I stick with my old classics, Kiss? Should I stay local, and go Helix? Queen? Marillion? Queens of the Stone Age? WHO??


        2. Alright I’ll count that as a vote for Helix.

          Ironically right this very second I am working on a review for Metal On Ice, which features…yes…Heavy Metal Love as its opening track!


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    1. Thanks man…it means a lot since you’re not even from this community!

      I did 6 km this morning to prep. That’s all of Joe Satriani’s “Flying In A Blue Dream” album and a little bit of Kiss’ Rock And Roll Over.


    1. Thanks buddy! I’ve received LOTS of support from friends and several readers here!

      When I do the walk next week I’ll be sure to let you guys know how we did, and thank you all!


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