WTF SEARCH TERMS: Questions & Comments edition

It’s Friday, so let’s have a laugh.

Welcome to the semi-regular feature where I reveal stunningly weird search terms that led people to  For the last installment, Heavy Porn Metal edition, click here!

WTF SEARCH TERMS XX:  Questions & Comments edition


1. is john norum bald and wears awig (ask Jon Wilmenius, he knows everything about bald Swedish rockers!)

2. did pete woodroffe play in led zepplin (I sincerely hope nobody over the age of 15 needs to ask who was in Led Zeppelin.)

3. chad kroeger douche (yes.)

4. dave donato sucks (meh.)

5. styx goofy keyboard player (Lawrence Gowan is goofy?)

6. what would a record store smell like (as I said in Part 57, farts.)

7. def leppard flashing tits tumblr (no nudity here, sorry.)

8. what about pye dubois-not max, kim, or rush- pye dubois! (yes!  what about him?)

9. is gary cherone sick? (not that I know of.)

10. just because you work at a bowling alley doesnt mean you cant put some pride into your burgers (agreed fully.)



  1. When I use my cell phone and I want to look you up I type in lebrain and result comes back

    “Do you mean idlebrain”?

    Haha, I’m not sure if google is trying to tell me something.


  2. “just because you work at a bowling alley doesn’t mean you can’t put some pride in your hamburgers!” Lookin’ at you, Holiday Bowl Sudbury, circa 1986! ;)


        1. Wow! Interesting! We were rushed in and outta there and the tables were super squished together, but food was good. We didn’t pick the place…a buddy of the hubs did.


      1. To graduate high school in Ontario these days, students need:
        – 30 credits
        – 40 volunteer hours
        – to pass the grade 10 literacy test

        I don’t think adding ‘ability to identify LZ members’ to the graduation requirements would be unreasonable!


        1. Also add:

          Demonstrates understanding that misuse of the word “like” (in the valley girl slang use of it) will result in everyone thinking you are a moron.


        2. I found a shot of humour near the beginning of a presentation really helped. Like for example, In OAC I did my grad presentation on the War of 1812, and I decided to introduce it with the song “Battle of New Orleans” by Johnny Horton. People enjoyed that and then I played up that I couldn’t figure out how to stop the tape deck for a laugh. Then, onto the serious talk! It worked.


        3. I’m all for humour as a hook – though I caution them, if you go for a laugh and miss, that’s another story. I’ve tried telling a joke/making a pun that I thought was funny and then instead of class laughter, the tumbleweed was rolling along in silence.

          And OAC + tape deck, now you’re speaking my kind of language!


        4. I was thinking about that this morning – most of my students have a passable knowledge of all 4 Beatles, might be able to identify Page/Plant, but even though all would likely be able to identify the dark side of the moon album art, I doubt the Pink Floyd band members could be named


  3. Actually I’m more their bass player John Leven as we share nickname (Jompa). He’s also the one in Europe that I actually know.
    However, I’m not that sure how bald Norum actully is, but I do know he wears a hair piece. So does Kee Marcello. Must be a stressful job playing guitar in Europe. They all lose their hair…


    1. The plot thickens! You just happen to know John Leven… I wonder where you met him? In your band that’s where. Give it up John/Jon we know who you are haha

      But seriously, I’d never spotted the piece before. Seen Europe a couple of times and they are just one of the best live band’s I’ve ever witnessed.


    2. Thank you Jon for the answer! Now we know!

      Is “Jompa” kind of like “Johnny” in English? Does it have an English equivalent? I’ve always wondered which was your “real” name.


      1. No, it’s actually rather unusual. Funny thing is, Leven’s ex-wife’s name is Carin and so is my ex girldriend’s. Hey, there’s Jompa & Carin. Yeah, two of them actually…
        I don’t know any one else that goes by the nickname of Jompa than us two – and Jamie, they guy who plays drums for Treat, if you know them. He’s also called Jompa.
        Norum’s nickname is Jonta so I can’t be him…


    3. Look closely and you’ll notice it. Especially on the live pics. Ever wondered why Norum’s hair is soaking wet with sweat at the bottom but the hair on top of his head is always dry?


  4. Love the pic, and this series.
    #5;Larry Gowan used to play in a cover band (circa 1980, used to play ‘The Tube’ on Yonge St, TO- think their name was “Dangerfield”) Everyone in band wore costumes- his was Superman- and he had a plaster bust of Beethoven he’d dance around with
    …… I rest my case…. or maybe that person was thinking Dennis DeYoung, who left Styx to tour with a revival of “Jesus Christ Superstar” and has since done a Broadway-themed album. He had kind of a goofy style of phrasing.
    #6 Our Sam’s store was in a mall between a pet shop and a Falafel Hut….smelled like wet bbq’d dog,
    #8 Pye had this briefcase……

    ….and my fave is “Idlebrain, Spicy”


    1. Idlebrain, boy I’m glad I didn’t end up with that nickname!

      I can’t imagine anything worse than being located between a pet shop and a falafel place. I don’t even like being in a house with a lot of cats.

      I’ve always liked Dennis DeYonge, I don’t know if I’d consider him goofy, but hey.

      I had NO idea about that, and Gowan. I like him more and more all the time!


      1. No offense intended on Dennis DeYoung, I still have the first (“Lady”) album- bought it before anyone heard of Styx, and I have most of their stuff. I came to dislike his voice because of a cover band I was in, late eighties, and had to play “Too Much Time” & “Mr Roboto” maybe it was our singer’s impersonation of him, but definitely prefer Larry’s voice.
        CATS!!!!!!!! Last summer the hoarder next door got evicted, her and her 30 (plus) un-neutered cats. The smell is still around.


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