GALLERY: A Bunch of Old Randoms

You guys seem to like pictures of things.  Here’s a bunch of oldies I found while browsing folders on my computer. Those go back from about 2009-2012. Pre-blog stuff. And totally random.


    1. That’s only a partial pic of my Risk collection; many are at the cottage.

      Now here’s a question I’d like you to find out from Hubs — has he ever played a game called Risk Legacy? That’s the one where you make permanent changes to the game as you go. But you have to have a set gaming group to play it.


        1. My problem as well. Jen and I can play Risk, but anything requiring 3 or more players, and we can’t do it. Risk Legacy requires (I think) 5 players, and they have to be committed to 15 gaming sessions.

          I love games with loads of pieces and twists and turns, but sadly that’s one that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get.


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