#342: All in a Day’s Drive

#342: All in a Day’s Drive

Friday November 21, 2014 was a pretty nice day weather wise. There was no precipitation and the skies were clear. If you’re going to pick a day to make a drive down the 401, you couldn’t have picked a better one. Jen needed to see a doctor at the hospital in Mississauga, so off we went. [Note: don’t worry, she’s fine. This is regarding her epilepsy.]  I brought music and reading materials, and kept a log of the rock:

9 am: Depart Kitchener for Brampton. Playing in the car: Deep Purple – Smoke on my Mega-Mixa bootleg compilation CD of remixes and live tracks.

10 am: Pick up Jen’s mom in Brampton [she spent the weekend with us]. Depart for Mississauga. Playing on car stereo: Van Halen – 5150.  As a “bonus track”, I tacked on the live version of “Why Can’t This Be Love” (from the music video) to the end of the playlist.  Jen’s comment: “The singing on this is… (pause)…really not as good as the regular version.”  She’s right.

11 am: Arrive at hospital. Playing on mp3 player: Kiss – Love Gun (deluxe). Reading material: Martin Popoff – Live Magnetic Air: The Unlikely Saga of the Superlative Max Webster

4 pm: Depart hospital with mission accomplished.

6:30 pm: Finally arrive home after 2 1/2 hour crawl along Highway 401!  The whole way was brake light city. Just a tedious, slow drive. There was no reason for it.  From what I could tell, it was all caused by commuters that didn’t know how to properly merge.  When somebody leaves you 5 or 6 car lengths space to merge in, take it.  Don’t race further ahead to see if you can get in front of that transport truck and that guy in the Hyundai.  Car music: Van Halen – Fair Warning, Diver Down, and A Different Kind of Truth. Yes, that means Jen and her mom heard a LOT of Van Halen today. And that’s fucking cool.

For more information on epilepsy, please visit epilepsyontario.org.


  1. Indeed it is jp!

    ‘Car music: Van Halen – Fair Warning, Diver Down, and A Different Kind of Truth. Yes, that means Jen and her mom heard a LOT of Van Halen today. And that’s fucking cool.’

    Drove my 12yr old a few hours one way then back for a karate tournament last year and chosen soundtracks for that particular road trip were 2013’s new Dream Theater and Fates Warning records. Was blown away recently (several months after the trip), when he said his current favorite song was ‘the Fates Warning song that starts with acoustic guitars then gets heavy and goes for nearly 20minutes, what’s its name?…’ And Yet It Moves! He had put Darkness In A Different Light on his iPod and dug well in \m/


    Proud father! :)

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  2. Yup. Musix is the most important part of any journey planning. Don’t know how often I’ve mulled over the listening choices and hadn’t even thought about directions or travel times.

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  3. I play music in the car ALL THE TIME. In fact, many of my reviews get written there (I call it The Office). But I spend zero time picking music for the car – my iPod holds 120GB, and thus my whole collection. We choose on the fly!


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