#383.5: Boppin’s Blog


#383.5: Boppin’s Blog

The WordPress community is continually growing!  One of my guest writers here at mikeladano.com, Boppin, has ventured out on his own and begun Boppin’s Blog: Albums, concerts, reviews, audio gear, how to’s.  For me this probably means I won’t get any more of his awesome concert reviews to post, but on the bright side, audio gear is something I am seriously lacking in knowledge about.  Boppin is always forwarding me local deals on turntables and vinyl, so I know he will be able to bring plenty of rock goodness to the interwebs.

Please check out Boppin’s Blog at https://nauticazinger.wordpress.com, and of course his past reviews right here!  I really appreciated his past contributions, so I am more than happy to do what I can to help him out.  Rock it!

QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT – Live, July 13 2014 at the Air Canada Center, Toronto

FLEETWOOD MAC – Live, February 4 2015 at the Air Canada Center, Toronto


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