That’s dedication, pal!

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I’m hard at work on my next series of reviews:  King’s X.  How hard, you ask?   I have eight instalments completed, with plenty more to do.  In fact just to make sure I do an extra, extra good job, I ordered two albums I was missing:  Black Like Sunday and Ogre Tones.  That’s right.  I spent money on two more CDs, just so I could do a more complete series.  That’s dedication, pal!  I must like you all, or something.

Amazon delivered these two discs free of charge.  Way to go, Amazon.

Then, like a bolt right out of the blue, look what arrived from CD Japan?

That’s right.  New Queensrÿche, Condition Hüman baby! Waiting for the Japanese release always sucks, but I have it now. Bonus track: “Espiritu Muerto”.  Also in the parcel, one re-buy: Def Leppard’s live album Mirrorball, with bonus track:  a “different version” of “Kings of the World”.

Yes, I do work hard, but it’s all for the love of rock and roll.  And you!

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      1. Hey Mike, be aware though those two additional tunes are only on the vinyl LP. That’s correct, they haven’t (yet) been released to CD (or for purchase via digital even for those wanting to hear them).

        Aside from some packaging Mike not sure then that the Japan CD edition is any different from the worldwide deluxe version which I have here? For some reason I assumed there was going to be something more again for Japan perhaps a couple more live tunes for example!? :(

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        1. I wonder if those two tracks might be forthcoming on any other format. Keep your ear to the ground for me?

          No extra live tracks on this, no. Nothing special for packaging. It wasn’t expensive though. $20 or something? It was the wait that was killing me!


  1. We should do a post about whether or not to open sealed music. I am looking at those sealed cd’s with obi strip attached, and I would be on the fence. I am sure you have many doubles. One to keep sealed, and one to listen to and review.

    “And while you’re at there, sitting on a fence. So get off your ass and come down here. ‘Cause rock n roll ain’t no riddle, man. To me it makes good, good sense. Good sense, let’s go.”

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    1. I’m just doing my rock n’ roll duty.

      Shit, I should have used that as my title! Instead, I used a Lips quote from the Anvil, movie.

      I am not at all torn on opening sealed music. Unless it’s vintage, I say open them. I store these so meticulously you wouldn’t know they were “used”.


  2. Nothing beats music mail Mike, is the closest we still have to hitting the record stores on pay day :) And both Ogre Tones and Black Like Sunday are great but this IS KinG”S X so make sure ya give those tunes some time to work their magic before hitting the keyboard (Black Like Sunday in particular due to it being a caseload of re-worked leftovers for that 2003 record (DANG! Where did those years go, still remember bringing that one home like it was yesterday!?))

    Looking forward to this series, a great body of work to be sure!

    Take care with ’em Mike ;)

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    1. Thanks Wardy! And thanks for the advice on those two. To do something different, I was going to review them “live” so to speak on first listen. Now, I’m not so sure anymore.

      Well, I certainly will think on it! But I’ll try to get the Queensryche review done ahead of the King’s X series since it’s a new release!


      1. Ya know that there’s a crazy idea and the more I think about it the more I like it!

        Initially thought ‘nah’ let Black Like Sunday sink in some before reviewing, ya know, try picking apart the throwbacks and whatnot, but a live review could be fun? Getting your immediate take on the songs and whether they even sound like back catalog material!? Not sure I could give a fair appreciation like that but you know your X so heck, why not? ;)

        And yes will let ya know if I hear anything of those Queensryche tracks getting released via any other format.

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        1. Thanks man!

          It could go either way with King’s X. I kind of stopped following for a little while, after Mr. Bulbous. That album threw me for a loop. I get it more, now. But I don’t want to give away too much! I haven’t played Manic Moonlight in over 10 years either.


      2. Ah yes, the deceptive lead track syndrome, Fish Bowl Man one of their finest IMO, a cracking tune responsible for opening this fans KX mix tapes over the years, but the remainder of Bulbous was less impressive and far from their usual consistency :(

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  3. Perhaps Mike Ladano could become Canada’s music embassador. Convincing record companies to release special editions in Canada instead of Japan. You could get paid in music, and getting 3 copies of all special releases. Why 3 you ask?

    Well, I feel 2 for you and 1 for me is fair.

    Just let me know when the music arrives.

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  4. I appreciate you being so thorough with the Kings X posts and past posts; that is TRUE Rockin’ dedication! Kings X is such a terrific band too, I am sure I will learn a great deal from you about them! I’ve only touched the surface with Kings X.

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  5. What a day for receiving mail! Freakin’ right.

    As for the dedication, you can say you do it for us (and a more complete review) all you like. We know the truth – you needed them to complete the collection and as a collector those holes in the shelf were driving you batty! :) It’s OK, I suffer from the same damn thing!

    Is that DL the one I texted to you that I found for cheap? I remember vaguely something about a live DL and you said yup that’s a gooder but I want the Japanese version (of course you did). Anyway, I can’t remember if that was the one or not.

    We do appreciate your dedication, sir!

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    1. Speaking of mail, I haven’t received the Iron Maiden concert tickets from you.
      Let me know if it is Canada Post that is at fault, and I will get to the bottom of it. (That’s what Dr. Feelgood said)

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        1. I hope it gets here soon. I already put a down payment on my bunker.
          It includes a full stereo system with amps that go to 11.
          I hope there is room for all of my loved ones, and all of my music.

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    2. Yep that’s the same DL! Now I have to donate my old one away.

      No, that’s not the case with these King’s X CDs. Like some of these other fine folks, I had lost interest in them after a certain point. I was fine not having them, but I’m not find having an incomplete series. That’s the one and only reason I bought these brand new. I hope I like ’em!


  6. Rock on! We love you, sir. All that rock n’ roll love is like a river, Mike (whatever the hell that means!). Looking forward to this series – might finally delve into King’s X!

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  7. Gimme a spoiler on the Japanese track on the new QR record? I’m guessning there’ll be a review of that album from you ion the near future. At least I hope so. But I really want to know if the song is any good… :)

    King’s X have done some very fine records indeed, but most of their albums leves me underwhelmed, I’m afraid. I hear that they’re good, but they just won’t stick with me. Dunno why that happens.

    Mirrorball. Man, I’m ashamed to say it but I haven’t even listened to that record. Any good? I’m eager to hear the new record, though. I keep hearing people say that it’s a killer.


    1. Only played QR once so far so I don’t remember the track clearly. I was surprised the album is much longer this time!

      You can have my original copy of Mirrorball. It’s yours! I will send it in the mail.


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