#512: Sh*t LeBrain’s Wife Says

GETTING MORE TALE #512: Shit LeBrain’s Wife Says

As readers here know, when I can get away with putting the minimum amount of effort into a story, I’m going to go for it.  This one is lifted directly from my Facebook posts, a couple months after Jen and I got married.  Her ongoing education in rock was just beginning.  I can proudly say that today, Mrs. LeBrain knows the difference between Van Halen and Van Hagar.  But in 2008?


Oct 9 2008:


#2 Some background, I was playing the track “Me Wise Magic” by Van Halen, an obscure song with David Lee Roth singing.  I said to Jen, do you know who this is? And she responded:

“Yeah…is this Van Hagar?”

#1 “Wow is your beard ever grey!”

But I’m still gonna stay married to her anyway.

wow is your beard ever grey

It’s even more grey today.

Jen likes both Van Halen and Van Hagar now, and she’s perfectly capable of telling the difference.  She counts “Jump” and “Why Can’t This Be Love” as her favourite VH songs, tied for the #1 position.  Considering that in my dating days, girls used to insist on listening to MuchDance95 in the car, I’m a very lucky man. I dodged some musical bullets, and somehow ended up with the best girl in the world.


  1. “As readers here know, when I can get away with putting the minimum amount of effort into a story, I’m going to go for it.”

    I doubt that, dude. You always put a lot of effort into your posts. Readers here come for the music, and stay for the detail!

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  2. Haha that’s fun. Hey if it’s any consolation to her r.e. both of these, DLR is probably pretty grey now. See what I did there? :)

    And no worries Dude, tons of grey in my hair too. You just can’t see it ‘cos I shave it all off. But it’s no biggie. It just means we’re getting better with age!

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      1. Yeah, one time when my lovely wife and I were still dating (hell, this was 18 years ago, now) I tried a goatee for the hell of it. It looked terrible, it was itchy as hell, and she hated it, so off it went.

        Sometimes, like on vacation, I let the beard grow out of apathy towards shaving, but I always hate it after a few days so off it goes too!

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