#515.5: Nooner!

img_20160916_121806_editGETTING MORE TALE #515.5: Nooner!

Local station 107.5 DaveRocks is currently doing a promotion called the Morning Buzz Nooner.  Every Friday at noon for eight weeks this fall, the crew from the DaveRocks morning show are broadcasting live from a local eatery.  When they announced the schedule, I had to make sure I didn’t miss the Friday at Beertown!

Mrs. LeBrain and I headed out and met two friends, Debbie and Eleanor, at Beertown for a couple hours of good times and prizes.  We love the food there.  I enjoyed the beer and cheddar soup, and their unbelievable mac and cheese.  Mrs. LeBrain had the soup as well, and the steak and blue cheese salad, which received rave reviews.  Everyone received a music download card worth either two or five songs.  I only won two.  Drat!  So I downloaded some Glorious Sons and a great track from a newer Toronto band called July Talk.  Check out their infectious and dance-y single “Push + Pull”.

We didn’t win the grand prize, a $250 gift card, but not for lack of trying.  We did get to chat a little bit with Darryl (who was clearly having a great time), Gayle and Brad.  Cool fact:  Brad was wearing the same Star Wars shirt he’s wearing in the promo photo.  Coincidence?  I think he might only own one shirt.  It’s possible.  Speaking of shirts, Eleanor made her own custom DaveRocks shirt which they loved.

Great times today at the Dave Nooner.  I think I’ll have to attend the upcoming one at Borealis.  Thanks for the good time, and the new tunes, DaveRocks!

Listen to July Talk’s “Push + Pull”. I think we’ll hear big things from them in the future.



    1. Yep same Eleanor — her husband Glen is the guy who recorded the old Craig Fee theme songs, you know the one? “He’s the guy who don’t like feeeet…”

      Darryl is an ANIMAL man. He was everywhere, visiting and talking to everyone. He was sitting at our table when he suddenly said, “Oh, I’m on the air, gotta go!”

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        1. Yeah and apparently she fed Craig something that wasn’t vegan friendly, and he immediately identified it as dairy, and…had a night to remember between him and his rear end.


    1. That song is even better. I think I need to biy some of their music. They are coming to.my hometown but it sold out instantly. I thonk I need to hit up the owner for tickets.

      Also, the lady.in the band. To quote Borat
      “Wah Wah Wee Wah.”

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