You know where we’re going today!


And if you don’t, then check out the below videos.  Today is the fifth annual adventure.  And that means music.  Lots and lots of music.


        1. I am thinking of a scene from many a movie in which the character pretends to take his pills, and soits them out later.
          I suggest playing some That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd while in the car.


          Have fun.

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  1. Oh man, the memories. Five years. Crazy.

    I gues that means this year’s video will be called MIKE AND AARON GO TO TORONTO AGAIN… AGAIN… AGAIN?

    Or maybe we should steal from Douglas Adams and it should be Mike And Aaron Go To Toronto: A Trilogy In 5 Parts?

    But oh yes, tunes will be found. GIVE ‘ER!!!!


        1. Every party I had something got wrecked, or went missing. It was just a fact of life. You let strangers in your house and add alcohol to the mix and it gets out of hand. I was a planner though. I moved all the good stuff into rooms and locked them up. A few missing tapes and a broken front porch light were it. Better than some parties where the entire house was trashed and stuff thrown in the pool, or my cousin that had his signed Ramones album stolen. He still talks about that all these years later.

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        2. Given those circumstances you did come out rather well. I’d be pretty unhappy if someone I invited into my house stole my signed Ramones album. I hope he was able to get something equally good as a replacement.

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        3. What an experience! I don’t understand that sense of entitlement to your stuff and lack of respect for your property. We’re all better off without ‘friends’ like that.


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