Mike and Aaron went to Toronto again…again…again!

As usual we came, and we conquered.  It was our fifth annual Taranna Music Excursion.  Together we did our best to rescue the precious, precious music from select stores in the city.

As before, I filmed the whole thing for a potential video doc.  When we are ready, Aaron and I will begin to roll out all the wonderful treasures we came home with from Toronto.  In the meantime, I’m going to spend today listening to tunes!



    1. I didn’t see the snow but Aaron drove through some! That’s nothing compared to the traffic on the way home.

      Let me tell you Aaron is fun to ride with…he can drive Toronto style and I love it!


        1. Yes, that one!

          I don’t think anybody from the stores would be upset when they see how much we buy and I always tweet the stores our videos when complete. So if they were mad, they definitely could have told us by now! I still feel weird…


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