REVIEW: Metallica – “Lords of Summer” vinyl & download singles (2014)

img_20161120_080611METALLICA  – “Lords of Summer” (2014 Blackened Record Store Day single, additional download versions)

This past Friday, Metallica ended the eight-year long wait for a new album and put out the sharp-edged Hardwired…To Self-Destruct.  If you go for the deluxe edition (a measly $16!) then you’ll get the full 78 minute studio album and a bonus CD (to be reviewed later) with another 14 tracks.  That’s another 79 minutes of metal for a grand total of $16.  The value is insane.

Cast your minds back to 2014.  Metallica, embarking on a summer tour, released a new single called “Lords of Summer”.  The concept of “Lords of Summer” was pretty simple.  It’s a song about touring season, and it was one of the new pieces of music that the band were working on for the next album.  Ultimately, a slightly shorter and re-recorded “Lords of Summer” was included on the bonus CD for Hardwired.  The vinyl single (Record Store Day, limited to 4000 copies) has the original “First Pass Version” (8:20).  This was also made available via download.  If you’re already familiar with “Lords of Summer” then this is the version you know.  The “First Pass” is not as polished as Hardwired, but similar in direction with the same focus on metal riffs and melody.  Like much of the album, “Lords of Summer” careens from riff to riff blasting away at different tempos.  While not one of Metallica’s most remarkable songs, it has some cool individual riffs cooked up within it.

For the sake of completion, we should also discuss the “Garage Demo Version” of “Lords of Summer”.  This was included as a bonus track with Metallica’s official live downloads from that tour.  It was first played in Bogota Columbia, March 16 2014.  The “Garage Demo” (also 8:20) is different recording from the “First Pass”; very similar but even rougher.  Fans familiar with Metallica’s usual demos know that they are often so rough that the lyrics are not yet in place.  This time, the song was already fully formed in its demo stage.

The Record Store Day vinyl single contained a bonus live version, recorded in Rome on July 1 2014.  By that time the band had been playing it all summer, so it’s tight.  Kirk’s solo is drowned out in the mix, but of course you can hear the drums loud and clear.  Compare this to the version in Bogota, which captures the song played live for the first time ever.  The arrangement is the same, but it’s still coming together in Bogota.  The Roman version demonstrates that practice makes perfect.  But why stop there?  There are a total of 33 different live versions available for download on Metallica’s site!

There is one last bonus, which is the etched B-side on the Record Store Day vinyl.  Admittedly it looks pretty…but it’s just an “M”.  It’s minimalist cool, but what happened?…they couldn’t afford to etch the etallica?


For this review, we listened to the following:

  1. “First Pass Version” (8:20, available as single download or on vinyl Record Store Day single)
  2. “Garage Demo Version” (8:20, available with purchase of a concert at LiveMetallica)
  3. July 1, 2014, Rome Italy (8:48, available on vinyl Record Store Day single or for download at LiveMetallica)
  4. March 16, 2014, Bogota Columbia (9:18, available for download at LiveMetallica)

With 31 more live versions online, plus the new album version at 7:09, there are in total 36 official versions of “Lords of Summer” out there to consume.  Happy hunting.

3/5 stars




    1. They’re slacking off.

      Yeah Metallica often release “something” in the summer for touring season. A single, an EP…they did that one EP with 4 outtakes from Death Magnetic that were better than the album!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes!

          On that note. I saw a great night advertised around here recently, a power ballad disco – can you imagine the glory of nothing but power ballads played all night long? If I could trust myself not to weep at ‘Every Rose’, I’d go.

          Liked by 1 person

  1. I must say the new version on HTSD, is much better than the other ones. Tighter and more dynamic. I’ve got the vinyl and a few other versions of the song but I’m ok with hunting down all 30+ of them. Sure you don’t want to review them all for us Mike?!?! ;)


    1. Hahah John I’m not sure how I’d even tell the difference between the 30+ versions!

      But I do agree, the album version is the one to get. It’s killer. And I’ll get there when I review the 3rd bonus disc.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice review Mike! Like the song, cool vinyl but Metallica releases too many of these for me to get em’ all. I’m still very pleased with my No Life ‘Til Leather cassette. For the right price perhaps, cool collectable nontheless.


  3. Haha this reminds me of those Pearl Jam bootleg series, where they released every show. I said to my lovely wife, ‘juts how many copies of Even Flow does one person need?’ Same, apparently, for Lords Of Summer…

    This is a cool RSD collectible. I’m super-stoked for the new album, and was happy to see this one on the bonus disc. I did not know it’s not the same version, though. Le sigh.


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