ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story trailer “Trust”

It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.

Rogue One will be out in 19 days.  Get ready.



    1. You won’t see the ads on every site. I have them enabled so I can recoup a small amount of the cost of running the site. It is a very small amount I assure you, I am not getting rich of this in fact the amount I get is only a fraction of what I have put in. I can disable the ads to signed in WordPress readers, if you think they are a hinderance, I will certainly consider it! I have had it toggled on and off over the last 10 months or so, to see which approach works better.

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        1. I like that I have my own domain name — Easy to remember. And I figure in about 3 years time, I will have to pay for additional storage. I am at 2/3rds full in my media storage. That’s it for paid stuff, plus I’ve bought stuff specifically to use on for doing the site.

          You have three options for configuring ads: Off, on for everybody, or on for everybody except fellow WordPress users. I haven’t used the ads long enough to see which is most effective. SO far it actually appears the best approach is ads to everybody EXCEPT WordPress users.

          ANd again I’m open to feedback, if people that come here every day really don’t like the ads, I’ll set it back to the way it was.

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        1. If I go to my own site when I’m not logged in, and click on any post (like this morning’s Rage post), there are ads at the bottom.

          But if I’m in my Reader, typically I just hit Like on your posts (of course), and then Comments right beside it and that takes me to your post and all the comments. I didn’t see any ads on your Star Wars post this way.

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        1. Oh I know, and in this trailer in particular, he was so good. I think he will be a major highlight, but I’m also thinking Felicity Jones is going to blow us all away.


        2. Yes me too dude. I make so few exceptions. Star Wars is the only one I’ve made exceptions for in recent years! That’s why I like a matinee…weekday…sometimes I get lucky and it’s less than half full. Also, people never want to sit next to me, so maybe I look creepy there by myself, but I get empty seats on both sides!


        3. Because I tend to plan my movie outings at off times (even taking days off to see premiers at 11:30 am), my negative experiences are minimal. Probably my last negative experience was due to my dad at Lord of the Rings! LOL

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    1. Yes I have some holidays and it’s nice to get out of the house and see a matinee when it’s not too busy. Plus, they have self-serve butter for the popcorn now. You know what that means? All. the. butter. you. want.

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