#537.2: 2016 Can Suck Balls – Year End Lists, Part 2 – J from Resurrection Songs

Please welcome — for the first time ever! — a guest shot from J from Resurrection Songs!  Please welcome J with his Top Albums list of 2016.

GETTING MORE TALE #537.2: 2016 Can Suck Balls
Year End Lists, Part 2 – J from Resurrection Songs

jIt’s been a right strange year. A right grim one if you consider the musical losses, not to mention the political shenanigans. Soon we’ll be populating a post-apocalyptic world. Hopefully more Mad Max than The Road. For some of us, at least. Soundtracked, it’s a year that I’ve been discovering more older releases than newer releases thanks to the writings and recommendations of fellow bloggers. However, there have been a fair few new releases that I have really enjoyed and I figured I’d hang out at Ladano’s place and say “here’s my top ten albums”.

The following are without a doubt my favourites of the year. These are the albums that grabbed my attention beyond the first side. That continue to pull me in. I am a man immersed in all their sonic awesomeness as I slip deeper and deeper into their grooves.

10. Gojira – Magma
9. The Tragically Hip – Man Machine Poem
8. The Cult – Hidden City
7. Black Mountain – IV
6. Sturgil Simpson – A Sailor’s Guide to Earth
5. Causa Sui – Return To Sky
4. Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool
3. The Claypool Lennon Delirium – Monolith of Phobos
2. Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression
1. My Jerusalem – A Little Death

Note: Lists are tough, but the top five were particularly tough to separate (all stellar in my opinion). Also, I need to spend a bit more time with Bowie’s Blackstar, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ Skeleton Tree, case/lang/viers, and, of course, pick up the latest Leonard release now it’s available on vinyl.



    1. I’d recommend them all (naturally), but I reckon you could find a lot to like about the top three and Causa Sui especially (that one has some real nice fuzzy fuzzness).

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        1. They’re all banned! Their names are not on my list, they’re not getting in.

          Grohl is the worst though! And he’s the only one of the bunch that has managed to sneak in (via Ghost). So I hate him even more now!


        2. Haha! “I really just don’t like his face”. What a great reason to slap a ban down on him.

          I like Mr Homme. Unreservedly so. He’s like Elvis. Only better. And more rockin’.

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    1. That Hip album is really pretty great. It could have been higher up on any other day, really.

      As for that Radiohead album, that took some time to grow on me (a first for a Radiohead album), but when it did, like it has done these last 6 weeks or so, it has really took the wind out the sails (or whatever the Hell that saying is!)

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        1. Oh yeah – they certainly reveal more on repeated listens, but this was the first Radiohead album that didn’t do anything for me at all on the initial listen. I mean, I found it pretty unremarkable.


      1. There’s a part in Decks Dark (just after the split infinitive line, somewhere around 2:30) – where it feels like vintage radiohead, just the way the instruments all play off each other to start the verse.
        One of those moments where I thought to myself, ahh, the world is wonderful after all!

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  1. Nice Surprise as J crosses into Lebrain Territory and throws down The Cult(Atta Boy J!) and some Cancon (Hello HMO) approved Hip!
    I actually really need to visit that Iggy album as someone I know sent it to me! Ha!
    Great List….and as always Great Writeup!
    You Done Well Young Man!

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