Interview: EDDIE JACKSON of QUEENSRYCHE – Oct 30 2001 – AUDIO

This audio goes with the text of Eddie’s interview with me in October of 2001. Links to the complete text can be found below, but why read when you can listen?  The audio has remained in my dusty archives…until now.  This was a great in-depth chat about the band at the time, lineup changes, and the Live Evolution CD that they were currently promoting.  Give it a listen from the pre-digital age.  Cassette, baby!




      1. HA! All good… Not sure if it’s my phone but there’s a huge volume difference between tersely and Eddie, no biggie but is that the case or should I try another device?

        Man it’s weird listening to this now in light of the last few years. Personally LOVED Live Evolution both CD and DVD. Think while Gray wasn’t the perfect fit live the show was fantastic regardless and he did fine on Q2K. Was never one to rate Tate solely on his range so didn’t care he’d lost some highs, his voice at the time of Live Evolution was still beyond excellent in my books.

        A trying but great time to have been a fan of the band…

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        1. No it’s not your device it’s the original tape. I didn’t want to spend time fixing the volume on a 16 year old tape so I uploaded as-is. Hopefully it’s listenable.

          This was for me the last Queensryche I was actually excited about, until LaTorre came along. A great live set.


        2. Cool man, Ya beat me responding cheers and think I’m now replying to your post below instead of above LOL text savy I’m not :)

          Sweet, just thought it would be worth a shot but no matter is certainly listenable!

          As you know I was partial to Tribe and later American Soldier but agree other than the current lineup this was the most exciting period that came since their heyday (and guess if ya don’t count DeGarmo’s short lived return for the Tribe sessions!?).

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        3. If it’s annoying to listen to I can edit the sound files….I was looking to post quick and dirty lol. I have more tapes of interviews. Somewhere….

          I think DeGarmo’s loss was devastating. But today they have finally really overcome all those lineup changes!


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