Kenner Fee and Ivy vs. Waterloo Catholic District School Board

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Please direct all inquiries to Laura McKeen of Cohen Highley.


  1. Boo!!!!!! I’m ashamed that my daughter goes to a school in that board.

    Oh, and by the way, her school and board had no problem turning a blind eye to bullying. Even when the bullied kid (who also is autistic) is a son of a teacher at the school.
    Glad to see they have their priorities straight.

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    1. I was bullied terribly in that school and they all turned a blind eye to it.

      Anyway neither here nor there. I am told Kenner is taking this very hard. I am having a hard time keeping my feelings together.

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        1. I watch this show “What would you do?”. That comment seems like an example of what an actor on the show would say to get the reaction from bystanders. That was awful. I would have been all up in his grille over that statement. Even if I did not know the woman, and just heard it in passing. No way I would let that go. Nope.

          Sorry to hear about your wife.

          Today isn’t all bad. Today my nephew, who has been fainting for about 7 years got a diagnosis. They had a suspicion it was either epilepsy or brain tumor. it turns out he has Vasovagal Syncope. Basically he faints. But not further serious issues. He can hopefully control it
          with diet, exercise, lots of sleep and standing up slowly.
          It’s been a long haul for his family, and we are all relieved.


    1. Even more disappointing? The hate mail the family received today. Not kidding.

      Unfortunately my friend Craig has the most popular afternoon show in town and the haters are out in full force. He received an email today saying this was karma for his “offensive” radio show.

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  2. Im going to say this. If Kenner does not have the service dog written into his IEP they should have done sooner than Asap. Its not always up to the school it is up to the family as well, but the school should have directed them this way if they did not recomenednit themselves. It does sound like Kenner is halfway there though. I recommend ABA therapy as well. It has helped my boy but there is still a long way to go. Even more tragically the world at large still seem to be ignorant to ASD in general. Educate yourselves. You or someone close to you may be on the specturm and they and their families may not even know they have it. Its nothing to take lightly, we have to dress my son for school before he goes to bed and he goes into class 10 minutes later than the rest of the kids, any changes to his normal routine are not handled well and he gets in a highly emotionally jagged state which can take some time to overcome…and these are the things
    that are manageable.

    I wish the Fees every bit of luck in the world. There is nothing wrong with Kenner, its the rest of the world that needs to fucking get it. /rant

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    1. Hey man! Thanks very much for this comment. I don’t know all the details but I am forwarding this to Kenner’s dad.

      Having met Kenner a number of times, I know what the kid is capable of when Ivy is with him. I will be writing more about this soon. I have seen Kenner give a speech in front of a few hundred people, with Ivy at his side. He’s an incredible public speaker. I can’t wait to tell a little more of their story soon. They are also starting a GoFundMe for legal fees, and I rarely post links to fundraisers, but I will for this.

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      1. Cool, please do.

        I am still coming to grips with my son’s diagnosis. He is a bright, gifted, beautiful little dude and he surprises me every day and still he can be really difficult to understand. Some of these ASD kids cannot speak at all. I hope everyone who reads this can learn to recognize some behaviors so next time they are at a supermarket and see some kid acting out or crying uncontrollably, stop, think, this kid may have autism. Its no Rainman bullshit. Its real.

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        1. Given the fact that you know first hand about autism, I’m sure you can appreciate this. The battle with the school board triggered a shingles outbreak with Kenner’s dad. I saw him at that time, he looked like shit, and you could tell he was just drained. They’re not doing this for attention, or for selfish reasons, they are sacrificing.

          I have a followup post that will go up tomorrow morning. Please be sure to check it out.

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