WTF Comments: Discovery of the Lemming edition

Star Trek: Discovery is a controversial series.  Reviews have been very mixed, and fans are split.

Before reviewing, I watched every Discovery episode twice.  Even three times for some.  My review is rather positive3.5/5 stars — and hopeful for the future of the show.  Discovery is not perfect.  Not only is there room for improvement, but things that simply must improve.  But Star Trek has a history of poor first seasons.  Remember The Next Generation in 1987?  Nobody liked Next Generation best in 1987.  It had a rough, rough start.

My review received lots of great comments.  Nobody agreed with my full assessment, just bits and pieces here and there, but comments were helpful and completely relevant.

All but one!  Enjoy this WTF Comment from Dick Dirk.  

He blocked me shortly after.

In the words of William Shatner, “It’s just a TV show!  Get a life!”


    1. Yeah exactly. Like I’m drinking the kool-aid of the producers.

      I’ve only read a limited number of interviews with the producers. I’m sure they hype up their show a lot. But this review came after a strong bout of writer’s block. It broke in one massive 3 hour writing spurt. My Star Trek review was the result. It had nothing to do with anyone but myself.

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    1. They’re cute things. Maybe it was a compliment? Maybe I took it all wrong?

      That doesn’t explain the blocking though…
      My friend Erik Woods commented that although he didn’t agree with my review, at least it was well researched and unbiased. And then Erik got blocked too! Unbelievable.

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