Sunday Chuckle: Euchre

Ever play Euchre?  Though there are many variations, it’s a four player card game with teams of two.  It’s a fairly quick game and we usually finish one or two during our lunch break at work.

Now, our plant foreman, who is a real character, loves to stop by and watch us play.  Offer tips.  Or try to, anyway.  He plays so fast that we can barely follow his strategy.

The other day he offered us a piece of Euchre strategy that had us all in stitches.  It was a quote worthy of Yogi Berra.  It was as follows:

“Now remember, it’s not about winning or losing.  It’s about playing the game.  You play to win!”





  1. Never played (or heard of it). But I like your man’s motto. Similar to one of my favourites: it’s not winning that matters, it’s who you beat.

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  2. One thing about euchre is it is kind of like playing Blackjack at a casino.

    In other words, don’t screw up and lay down the wrong cards. The others watch every move.
    They will ream you out if you laid down the wrong card 10 minutes ago.

    On a side note, it is frustrating playing with people that don’t know the game or just suck at it.
    Especially when they are your partner.
    They go alone and can’t even get 3. UGGHH.

    Plus table talk. Double UGGHH


  3. One night in the 90’s my buddies and I were playing cards.
    We did poker and euchre.

    We wanted to stop at midnight but played all night.

    It was for money and those that lost kept wanting to win it back.

    The worst part is we all had to work the next day.
    The stupid stuff you get away with in your 20’s.


  4. I hate cards. I grew up Baptist, so we didn’t even own a pack of cards (gambling is the devil’s work, don’t you know)! And I have always had a hard time learning the card rules. It’s embarrassing, especially in front of impatient strangers. Some of it is learning disability-related, but some of it is lack of interest. Kevin’s family are all into cards. I can handle one round of crazy 8s but that’s it.

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      1. Oh it’s ok. Some people can’t believe someone doesn’t like cards! EVERYONE LOVES CARDS! um, no. My whole family takes a hard pass. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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        1. One neighbour at the cottage didn’t believe in cards for the same religious reasons. They may have been baptist but I don’t remember anymore. But they did allow Uno in their family, I remember that.

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