#689.5: A Tribute to Superdekes [VIDEO BLOG]

A Coda to #689:  Fuck iTunes




  1. HAHAHA…
    Thanks Dude….
    Timmy Ho’s needs you to do there commercials…especially for the Ice Capps!
    I love these videos as it looks like with the bars behind you your being filmed at the Kingston Penitentiary!

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    1. DUDE! The Riot CD is a-fucking-mazing. I’m a Loanshark now…

      Loved By You is my favourite track, got a real AC/DC groove going on there. Restless Breed…also great. Putting on my flash drive for Sausagefest.

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      1. AWESOME….glad to hear….Rhett’s right off the rails on the live stuff….Title track live is excellent as his spin on Swords and Tequilia which comes from the Fire Down Under album…


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