Never Mind the Ads: A quick explanation

Just a quick note for those suddenly noticing advertisements on this site.

Most of you have already been seeing the ads for months, but in 2019 the expenses for running this place increased.  Because I like to run a photo-heavy music site (you’re welcome!), and after almost seven years, I’ve finally run out of storage space.  I had to upgrade the site which costs more.  The upgrade also comes with more bells & whistles; we’ll see if I use them, but the point is I had to offset operating costs by trying to increase advertising dollars.

In the past, readers logged in to a WordPress account wouldn’t see the ads.  Now, you will.  I’m sorry for doing that to you, and even though you’re a small portion of readers, I need to maximise the ad potential.

Many, many apologies and heartfelt thanks for reading.  I hope you’ll understand and hang on in 2019!

As a thank-you for your understanding, I present to you one of the WordPress bells & whistles I can give you now:  Embedded audio.  The track (a exclusive) you are about to hear is called “Cryptozoology Rap (Alien on the End of My Knob)” by an anonymous artist.  It is a Sausagefest classic.  Hope you enjoy it.

“Cryptozoology Rap (Alien on the End of My Knob)



        1. I saw that one too.
          No way some of those comments would be on tv today.
          I didn’t include it because it was in a tent out of sight.

          I also watched him get crushed by Bigfoot (the monster truck). That one was good.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. That’s what Jen said! Yeah there was an “f” word with 6 letters that took me by surprise!

          I just keep watching random Super Daves each night on Youtube, it’s been a lot of fun. I forgot how good he was. Looks like they must have replaced Fuji with Don Lake at some point.


        3. There was a spinoff from the Bizarre skit that was called Super Dave Show. Both Fuji and Don Lake were featured in the show.
          It was filmed in Ontario. Why did I never go out to a taping???


      1. Yeah he does, James is the real tech wizard of the site. I just know that if I look at our page when I’m not logged in, I see ads. Pretty sure we don’t see any money for that, though. Unless James is secretly getting rich off my ignorance to how all this works! ;)

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        1. I’d ask for an audit pronto!

          You should be able to view your earnings in the dashboard settings under WordAds. However it only pays you when it hits a balance of $100, then it throws the money on your paypal.


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