VHS Archives #11: Bret Michaels interview 1989

Just a clip from an interview by MuchMusic’s Steve Anthony.  I didn’t catch the full show at the time, so I recorded the interview clips whenever they were re-run.

In this clip, a hyper Bret talks about inspiration for his music and the audience response.


  1. She goes down slow like a shot of gin
    She’s got an angel’s face and a devil’s grin
    She kinda stared me down as I looked her up
    She said, “I’m your poison, now you drink a cup”

    In the heat of the night is when she comes alive
    She’s gonna push you, push you ’til she’s satisfied
    I watch the ice melt fast on her red hot lips
    She whispers, “If you wanna taste my love
    Why don’t you swallow this”


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  2. I have to share this story. I know someone whose mother cancelled their cable subscription back in the ’80s because her son was watching MTV and she was found some of the content objectionable. The offending video? “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. She cancelled it because she thought the model sleeping next to Bret Michaels in the beginning of the video was a man. I think it’s funny that Poison caused her to give up on western culture.

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