Sunday Chuckle: Bong Bong Bong

This guy decided to recycle their glass bong instead of throwing it in the garbage.  Good for him!


      1. Is that a bad thing? Over here there’s one bin for all recyclables, one bin for non-recyclables, and one bin for plant cuttings and stuff. Also, hope you’re feeling better now

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        1. I don’t mind, I didn’t invent it! Normally everything goes in one blue bin, but because I live in a big building, they have it in separate bins to ease sorting.

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      1. I know of a person that had a great job making huge coin, a nice house, family. Then got hooked on drugs and now rummages through garbage cans and steals stuff for drug money. He’s got 2 kids who never see him now.
        Pretty friggin’ sad. Stay off the crack and meth is the moral of the story.

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