R.I.P. Greg Haymes, aka Sergeant Blotto

Sad news this morning.  I’d heard through the grapevine recently that one of the members of Blotto was sick.  I had a bad feeling about it and this morning I read that Greg Haymes, aka Sergeant Blotto, has passed away from cancer.

This is particularly bitter for me.  I only got into Blotto last year.  I was so into them that Blotto became my favourite band of 2018.  As we drove to and from Toronto to take care of my sick mother in law, we had Blotto blaring in the car almost every time.  “Mum” was dying of cancer, and Blotto helped us forget and just laugh while rocking out.

Now Greg Haymes is gone from the very same, dreadful disease, and I’m pissed off.

Haymes was a writer, a musician, and an artist.  I’m sorry I only got to know his music in the last year.

Hopefully Blotto can bring you some of the joy that they brought to me when I needed it.  Here’s “I Wanna Be A Lifeguard” featuring Greg “Sarge” Haymes on lead vocals.



  1. Thank you Mike for this nice blog post. My brother was a fun guy and he loved his Blotto brothers and fans. So glad they could help you thru such a tough time. Greg maybe gone, but their music will live ! Long live Blotto !

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    1. Hi Yvonne, my sincere condolences. At least rest easy knowing your brother brought smiles to my face when I needed it. I will continue to rock to Blotto whenever I need a boost!


  2. I am sorry to hear about your M-in-L passing away but I am glad that it turned you on to this fantastic, funny, unique, talented band. I ued to go see them live in the late 70s/early 80s and they put on a GREAT live show.

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