Sunday Chuckle: NKOTB

There was no way I was letting Mrs. LeBrain throw out this treasure.  A vintage New Kids on the Block pillow case from 1989!  A keeper forever.


  1. I have a pic of a singer who shall remain unnamed from a band that I bet many here like wearing NKOTB shirt. This was back in the 80’s and blew my mind. I asked him about it but only got mumbling back. Maybe it was the only clear shirt he could find on tour????

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        1. Man, u r mentioning all my favorites. I used to collect Iggy t-shirts. I think I had 7 different ones. But no. Not sure I can spill the beans since the man was clearly annoyed at the time that my friend and I paid so much attention to his t-shirt.

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      1. All good guesses but no. Truth be told I’m not even sure if the person in question knew what shirt he was wearing.


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