NEWS: Durbin Out, Jizzy Pearl Back in QUIET RIOT

Just as QUIET RIOT had built some credibility back up with the excellent Road Rage album (and the following Live in Milan), lead singer James Durbin has quit the band.  Back on the microphone is Jizzy Pearl (ex-Love/Hate, ex-Ratt) who previously recorded half of the questionable Quiet Riot 10 album.  Durbin has left in order “to concentrate his time and efforts on his solo career.‬”

This comes during a time when drummer and longest serving member Frankie Banali has been missing shows with no explanation.

Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon broke the news.  Here’s the statement from Quiet Riot:

“We wish James every great success for his future and are grateful for his time with QUIET RIOT.‬ Welcome back Mr. Jizzy Pearl!”

Quiet Riot has a new album, Hollywood Cowboys, due in November.  They will not re-record the vocals, and James Durbin will be singing on it.

This certainly puts a damper on the band, who had made a decent album with the Durbin lineup.  Stay tuned for further developments.




  1. This is one I disagree on as I thought the Durbin albums were awful (and I like Durbin). They have lost all credibility with me before and this takes it to another level especially if they re-record yet another album. I am pretty much done with them. But it makes for exciting reading. If Banali has you blocked, that is a badge of honor!

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  2. WHAT????? I’m a Durbin fan, the rock one not so much the pop one. I think Durbin solo is in desperate need of quality songwriters and should quit the genre hopping which I think is only making him lose fans.

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  3. I’ve heard that guy that owns Frontiers doesn’t necessarily back up the Brinks Truck to pay the acts on the labels, so maybe not a lot of $$$ hanging in the balance with this one.

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  4. All I know for sure is that I would have bought Hollywood Cowboys with Durbin singing.Got Road rage on cd and on vinyl. With Jizzy probably not. It’s been a long time since I’ve invested in anything Love Hate related. Didn’t Jizzy front Ratt for a while too? Passed on that one too. Damn this thing really came out of the blue. I read a post with someone saying that Durbin didn’t say anything about this at his last gig with QR. Sounds strange. Bring out the popcorn?


  5. The only difference between QR and Spinal Tap are Spinal Tap replaced drummers while does it with singers.
    I actually liked the live album. Banali is basically the captain of the Hindenburg as this thing that he calls a band is gonna explode for all the wrong reasons!


  6. This band is a farce…

    So how will they go about the album release this time?
    With Road Rage the withdrew the album, had Durbin replacing whathisname’s vocals and then added a song (I think) before finally releasing it. Will they do the same thing this time?

    Oh well, I didn’t like Road Rage or the live album, I think Durbin’s overrated and I really don’t have that much hope for the new album either.

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    1. Wait until you see the latest dude. Frankie is losing his shit over fans who have questioned his absentee record. You can’t just skip gigs and expect fans to be cool with no warning or explanation.


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