MISSING: Frankie Banali

Thanks to Sleaze Roxx we have a fresh update on the strange goings-on in Quiet Riot!

With a new album mere weeks away, Quiet Riot performed their first show with Love/Hate’s Jizzy Pearl back on lead vocals.  Missing in action, again unannounced, was Quiet Riot drummer and leader Frankie Banali.  Banali has missed a number of shows of late, always without notice and always replaced by Type O Negative’s Johnny Kelly.

According to Sleaze Roxx, Frankie Banali was actively posting on Facebook the same day.  (We could not verify this as Mr. Banali has us blocked.)  Nothing posted about being absent from that night’s gig on September 21, say Sleaze Roxx.

The the majority of fans have piled on Mr. Banali with harsh criticism, while some are arguing that the fans should have known better.

While it is true that fans following the situation know that there are no guarantees of seeing Mr. Banali in concert, the fact remains that these absences have been unannounced.  That they remain unexplained is irrelevant.  Mr. Banali is entitled to his privacy and we certainly hope he is not ill.

Frankie Banali is the face and brain behind Quiet Riot now, the only member remaining from the Metal Health era.  When less familiar faces like Chuck Wright and Jizzy Pearl are fronting the show, unannounced absences by the mainman are inexcusable.  The majority of fans going to the show were hoping to see the guy that played drums on every single Quiet Riot album from 1983’s Metal Health to 2019’s Hollywood Cowboys.  Chuck and Jizzy are great, but they only have a little bit of the history behind them.

Let’s be “Frank”, shall we?  You are misleading your fans, many of which do sincerely care about you and hope you are not ill.  You are pissing off the rest of them by snubbing them without notice.  The damage you are doing to the Quiet Riot brand cannot be easily undone.  Once you damage the trust between fans and band, only a miracle can repair that.  Just ask Vinnie Vincent.

Feel better, Frankie.




  1. Armchair Manager! With cash hard to come by and many people selecting what shows to go to you need to be upfront.
    Foreigner played here earlier this year and not one original member was up onstage. Yet they charged well over a 100 bucks a ticket and still sold close to 1500 people.
    I was not one of them.
    No Mick No Lou means No Go!

    Imagine for a second your name is Bop! Bop drags his copy of Metal Health to the show to get signed and Franks a no show! Ok Chuck Wright played on a ciphered of tracks but seriously you want your album signed by two dudes who had nothing to do with it!

    Mama Mama Were all Jizzed Now!

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  2. As for Foreigner, I have seen them a few times in the last 10 years but I knew what I was getting into. I saw them at a state fair in Ohio. They were free with paid fair admission. Then at Darien Lake. Again free with park admission, plus they had Cheap Trick and Jason Bonhams LZ Experience. When they played my hometown alone and tickets were crazy expensive I gave them a pass. My brother in law(who is a pretty big music lover) was going I told him and my brothers that the band was mostly a bunch of new guys they had no idea. The thing is we bloggers research this stuff. Know the facts. 99.9% of the public is oblivious to this stuff. The other thing is the radio stations and.promo people trick the public into what they are really getting. They play the hits from 35 years ago and the public goes in thinking that those members will be playing and that is how it will sound in concert. This is misleading and wrong in my opinion.

    Getting stuff signed is a mixed bag. I prefer to only have an album signed by band members that played on that album. Usually I know beforehand and only ask those members to sign.
    Sometimes the dudes will come out and say they were not on the album and if I still want them to sign. Some dudes will just sign anything.

    I knew a few years ago there were issues with Quiet Riot when they bailed on a show in Kitchener.

    This whole old.bands with different members is getting out of hand. Kind of like Great White. I have seen both Jack Russel’s Great White and Great White fairly recently. Both sound good still. Also, if Geoff Tate had his way he would be touring around as another version of Queensryche. Plus now David Lee Roth says HE is Van Halen.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love all of the above bands, musicians etc. but in the grand scheme of things in today’s music, they are mostly seen as a group of has-beens. However in the musicians minds they are still thinking they have just sold out Madison Square Gardens. Get over yourself. Reality,e your place in music today and stop being whiney pretentious assholes. Treat the few fans you have left with respect.

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  3. I’m just surprised Jizzy isn’t calling it Love/Hate. Although they could get Bobby Blotzer in now! Call it Ratt Mon, Thu. Love/Hate on Tue, Sat. Quiet Riot on Wed, Fri. They can have a day off on Sunday. On festival/County fair days they could do three sets. Frankie… call me.

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