REVIEW: Scream – No More Censorship (1988)

SCREAM – No More Censorship (1988 RAS Records)

Hey Grohl fans! Think Dave can do no wrong?  Not the case at all — just listen to his lacklustre debut, 1988’s No More Censorship by Scream!  Here is one of those albums that you buy “just for the collection”, but not to listen to on a regular basis.

Scream were a punk band out of Washington DC, with some history behind them.  Grohl made his debut on their fourth album, featuring Peter Stahl (vocals), Franz Stahl (future Foo Fighters guitarist), Robert Lee Davidson (guitar) and Skeeter Thompson (bass).  Amusingly Dave is miscredited as “David Stahl” on the first song.

The songs aren’t bad so to speak, just dull as a cinder block.  They check a lot of the boxes — hard rocking, rebellious lyrics, punchy guitars, but not a lot of hooks.  Scream has several riffs in want of a song.  The riff on “No Escape” is one that vintage Aerosmith would given a nut to write.  The guys could certainly play, and there’s more than enough energy to spare.  But there’s something missing, and it’s the songs that are the problem.  On some tracks, they were just doing basic garage punk.  On others they seemed to be striving to be more than they were.  They stretch outside the box on tracks like “Run to the Sun”.  But 10 minutes later, you can’t remember anything about the song.

The best tune, and the one that best showcases what Dave could do on the drums, is “Fucked Without a Kiss”, a speedy blast regarding incarceration.  Otherwise the album struggles to spark a fire.

In 2017, this album was remixed and reissued on Record Store Day exclusive green vinyl with a different track list.  Maybe the remix made it a better listen?

2/5 stars



      1. Another travesty. And before someone chimes in, I know Grohl doesn’t play on “Hairspray Queen”, it was just the shittiest Nirvana song I could think of in the moment.


      1. What?? My local has some of them listed for order. I kinda fancied one of the Mötley ones. Thought Lebrain might want the Ghost ones…Are u serious about the delivery date? Are they drowning in orders?


  1. One of those albums that you buy “just for the collection” Hahaha NO

    Although while we’re on the topic… a recent purchase has added some Grohl to my collection. And I’m not happy about it. But it is just a bonus track and I will never EVER listen to it. But I’m still annoyed about it. I feel dirty.

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        1. Also he has a face not only a mother could smack.

          If it makes you feel any better it is a song with no lyrics, so you won’t have to hear his stupid voice.
          Plus his guitar playing ruins the song 17 seconds in, and makes me curse at my stereo at the 2:47 mark.

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    1. I think I got that ep of sort from RSD a while back, Foo Fighters I mean. I’m not sure if I got it. I know I haven’t listened to it if I have it. Does this happen to anyone else? Loosing track of your back log…

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  2. As much as I liked Nirvana, I never bothered to explore Grohl’s previous band. This stuff is actually what I expected. Still better than the majority of Foo Fighters stuff.


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