Sunday Chuckle: Eraserhead

Being sick is rarely funny, but in order to survive, one must be able to find the humour in such things.

I was sick last week.  I woke up one morning with some bed-head, tried to run a comb through it, and well, this is what I looked like!  Not quite a dead ringer for Jack Nance in Eraserhead, but close enough?




  1. If I recall correctly this film took three years to make because they kept running out of money. Nance had to keep his hair like that for the entire three years. That’s dedication!

    Then he had to get artificially orange hair. Never saw him with weird hair in another movie after that. He must have told Lynch to stick it after two weirdo hairdos.


  2. Unrelated tidbit that I learned today. Steve Vai played on a Public Image Ltd album! What the hell? Vai is cool, but he’s not even close to being punk. I wouldn’t think that John Lydon would touch him with a ten foot pole, but that is pretty cool.

    I heard this song and was thinking it would be pretty cool with someone who could sing. What say you about this revelation, Harrison?


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