VHS Archives #96: Brighton Rock play ball with Erica Ehm and Duane Ward (1991)

This video is for the one and only Buried on Mars!

Up to bat:  Erica Ehm (MuchMusic)
Pitcher:  Duane Ward (Toronto Blue Jays)
Catcher:  Gerald McGhee (Brighton Rock)
Umpire:  Greg Fraser (Brighton Rock)

In 1991 Brighton Rock released their third album Love Machine, featuring backing vocals by Duane Ward of the Toronto Blue Jays! Erica Ehm got to play ball and ask questions of all of them. Questions about:

  • Duane’s “theme song” by Billy Joel
  • How Brighton Rock hooked up with Ward
  • What they do when they hang out
  • The first video “Hollywood Shuffle”
  • Life after the Jays

Let’s play ball!


  1. I can’t tell if I got this for my love of the Blue Jays or Erica Ehm! Well, I’ll take both!

    I’ve always though Ward-o was a country guy. I guess you can’t judge a man by his southern accent.

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      1. I’ll tell you man, while I have never heard that line before, I betcha she has! She was a much idolized goddess in the 80s and 90s. I have videos of her wearing skimpier clothing and wow. Canadian summers, baby.


        1. When are you going to post those? I’ve only ever heard of her since you posted that Blackie Lawless interview from 1989 with her as the conductor. She’s not big here in the States.

          I did see the one where she interviewed Vince and damn, I applaud him for not staring at her magnificent cleavage in that one. Fuck! That was a skimpy shirt.


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