Yet Another Coronavirus Video


  1. I enjoyed the live stream on Saturday, what I could make. Will join again this weekend. I will try not to be working on posts when I am listening next time. I think I was editing all the pictures for the Lep post. That was rude of me. But I was trying to be productive at the same time. Hang in there and talk to you soon.

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  2. I think that describes our current situation well (at 3:23) – we’re all just doing our best, we’re all managing.
    And I’m pleased the livestream has been a nice new discovery for you, Mike!

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  3. Hang in there LeBrain! Hopefully we can all get through this. It would help if u could say what time your stream starts and in which timezone so maybe I could join u too on Saturday.

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    1. Hey KK!! Right now (week nights) everything is spontaneous and unplanned. But the weekend ones, sure! I’ll make posts announcing when that day I’ll be going live. No problem!


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