Friday Live Stream – Don’t miss a beat of the virtual fun!

Due to popular demand and nothing better to do, I’ll be live streaming again tonight on Facebook.  This time the stream will start at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and possibly run til 11:00.

Last Friday‘s stream was fun for all.  It included features such as:

  • Mike’s mom
  • Mike trying not to swear while his mom was listening and failing spectacularly
  • Guess That Beverage
  • Stories and Questions
  • Show & Tell
  • Harrison Gives LeBrain an Aneurism
  • Real prank calls by Max the Axe’s Stunt Double

What will tonight entail?  It’s entirely unscripted so who knows?  (I wanted to do an unboxing last week but that idea went down like the proverbial lead zeppelin.)

Check out Facebook (I’m “Michael” there) and tune into the live stream at 8:00 PM EST.



      1. Oh just by my many unorthodox opinions (see above for one of the most egregious)

        The others were-
        – Prequel Star Wars has better soundtrack then OT
        – Empire Strikes Back OST is my least favourite (Imperial March is overrated and Asteroid Field is annoying)
        – ZZ Top’s “Rough Boy” is the worst of the Afterburner album
        – Sentinel Prime > Spock
        – Sentinel Prime > Galvatron > Spock
        – Duel of the Fates is overrated
        – Bayverse TF > G1
        – Bayverse TF > TF Cybertron > G1
        – Solo = Greatest Disney era Star Wars movie
        – Bayvers TF = Great
        – I hate 95% of Halford’s vocals

        and the last one was my ranking of the Star Wars films-

        1- Revenge of the Sith
        2- Return of the Jedi
        3- Solo
        4- Attack of the Clones
        5- Rise of Skywalker
        6- A New Hope
        7- Rogue One
        8- Last Jedi
        9- Force Awakens
        10- Phantom Menace
        11- The Empire Strikes Back


        1. The Test for Echo album fucking sucks. It’s the only Rush album I don’t like, but it really fucking sucks. They just sound uninspired really. Geddy sounds asleep at the microphone, super monotone vocals. Vapor Trails was so emotional (for understanding reasons), it was such a breath of fresh air. The remix is my favorite of their post-reunion work.


  1. Geddy and Alex list “Tai Shan” as the worst Rush song ever, but I think I’d take it over pretty much anything on Test for Echo except the title track. I’d especially put it over “Virtuality” and Dog Years”, them putting it below those two songs is just below the belt!

    I got a soft spot for this one, even if it is a bit overly sentimental. I learned to play it on the keys even. I was doing a cover of it in honor of Neil, since it’s really a song for him anyway. He wrote it about a visit to China. It was supposedly pretty personal to him. I’ve been sidetracked with this whole Corona thing though. I’m up to verse two!


  2. I’m watching this afterwards again. Keeps me company in the morning. Thanks for doing these. Found a new Chris Mann Corona video: Hello (from the Inside) An Adele Parody by Chris Mann

    Not as good as the my Corona video but still funny.

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