Covideo #5 – Feedback required!

Enjoy the video, and for those who also enjoy the live streams, your feedback is requested!


  1. Feedback number one- Don’t wear that shirt ever again.

    Actual feedback- Go through an entire discography or maybe just studio albums, discussing your thoughts on them with the viewers.

    Nooooooooooooooooooo. I’m asleep during noon in Canada.

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    1. Don’t listen to him, that shirt is beautiful! Words hurt, Harrison.

      I’ve got an idea. What about a LeBrain cooking show? Show us how to cook the Ladano family recipe! You could teach Harrison to shave. Just make yourself available and we’ll all be happy. Except for fuckin’ Eric Meathead! Mr. 80% Lean 20% Fat is never satisfied!


        1. You’ve never seen the Paul Thomas Anderson classic Boogie Nights? Damn!

          Here’s where my pen name originated. Just so you know.


        2. Interesting.

          I was meaning to ask where your previous pen name used on comments came from. I just assumed it was your first name, because I knew a guy who was called that.


        3. “What kind of a creature eats its own farts?”

          “They do, man!”

          “That is absolutely correct.”

          That last line makes me break down laughing every time.


        4. That Top Gear clip is gold. Another guy that always gets me to laugh out loud is St. Sanders with Shreds.

          The Eddie inflating rafter rising noise makes me cry. Bruce leaping and going weeee is priceless as well, and when they break into Julius Fucik, it’s immaculate.


        5. “There’s horses in the loser lane saying ‘I’ve got to see this’ is the top line in that Top Gear clip for me.

          That Maiden thing took quite a turn into the unexpected, but quite funny


  2. Okay. Now you’ve got me convinced that I am controlling your brain with that Ezo reference. Particularly that song. Check your email for a fun story. You too Harrison!

    They’re still shipping movies. I know because someone in my family bought me a few for my imminent Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary (Biiirttthhdayy. Take a ch ch ch chance.)

    Fuck Covid. I can’t even hit up the club’s celebrating this year, get drunk and throw up all over a hapless lady.


    1. Hmm, said email doesn’t seem to have come through.

      Drunkenness, on the other hand, has never been a problem for me and hopefully never will. My recreational soccer on the other hand, has been postponed, making me very ticked off the virus


      1. I’m not really a drunken idiot. It was just a joke. I’m glad that’s what you think of me though!

        Have you ever swore, Harrison? You’re just too damn regal sometimes! It’s the darnedest of thingz.


        1. Don’t worry, I don’t think of you as a drunken idiot. Drunken, maybe occasionally. But never an idiot

          As for the swearing. Well, I do take pride in my sophisticated vocabulary, but I am quite the low-level potty-mouth. Certain words starting with S(+3 letters), Cr(+2 letters), P(+3 letters) and A(+2 letters) (silly WordPress censoring) all quite tame, but all mainstays of my vernacular. In our household “s(+3 letters)” is just a synonym for “stuff”. I generally avoid typing them because they look vulgar, and because I tend not to get too worked up by things on the internet.

          Certain words starting with F and C, on the other hand, are never said. In my entire life I can recall using the latter only twice, both times with an accent and part of a as part of a joke. As for the former, that one gets used in my head about half the time (and I always get annoyed at myself when it’s the first one I go to) but the only time I’ve been heard using it was when I had a really high score on the Windows XP Pinball, and the ball got put in a position where it was sent straight down the middle, out of reach of both my flippers. Also, no race related words here either, obviously.

          Also the lengths I had to go to to avoid the “Sorry this comment can’t be posted” were ridiculous. So, yeah, that’s another reason I don’t swear, because it’s so hard to get it through.


        2. The fuck? WordPress won’t let you swear?! It lets Mike fucking swear. That’s fucked. What a load of horseshit ass sauce tangy butt chips.


        3. I know, it’s discriminatory against Australians. As the premier potty-mouths of the world we demand the right to swear online too


  3. The discography idea is good. Or think of a debate/discussion point and everyone can chip in? I know that happens cause people were asking questions but maybe you could think of one and throw it out there for a bigger debate?

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  4. TP is now back in stock on a regular basis at our stores. However, Ice cream now seems to be in short supply!! And I did get an album from Amazon this week that I ordered last Friday, so pretty quick turnaround. We wanted to order puzzles, but they won’t ship until May 22nd, crazy. Hopefully we will be free by then.

    Looking forward to Friday’s live stream, I am off and should be there.


  5. ALRIGHT – done deal!

    We will be covering the entire discography of a band. I won’t say what band. Unfortunately Harrison doesn’t like the band but everyone else does!

    And of course we will have the “crazy” things too.

    5:00 PM EST is now my favoured time.

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  6. You bought all those CDs, dive into the collection! Show off some rarities, do some top tens, rank a discography or two. Even if you don’t have a band’s entire catalogue you can rank the ones you have.

    When you change your usual time you’ll get some new people and some regulars won’t be able to make it. Just make it for a time that works best for you.

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