Live Stream – Harrison and LeBrain talk Judas Priest’s “Nigel Tufnel Top Ten”

Please welcome Harrison to the Saturday live stream! With only minor technical glitches, the Mad Metal Man himself joined me from the other side of the world today.

Today’s subject: A solid “Nigel Tufnel Top Ten” list on the might Judas Priest. Harrison was armed with an addition list by Holen! We ended with an announcement. Link to the Mad Metal Man’s own new website below!

THE MAD METAL MAN – Reviews and Rambles



  1. “We think he’s American.” You don’t believe me? Who would lie about being a Yank?

    Harrison seems a bit shy! Too bad I can’t join in. Maybe I’ll call in some time.

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    1. Well for all I know, you could be the guy who put the chip in my head that controls Harrison’s chip. We don’t know. Prove you’re not!



  2. Once again, thank you for having me Lebrain, I really enjoyed it.

    This was a very raw and off the cuff talk too. It wasn’t rehearsed or anything, as you can probably tell. Ironically the stuff that I did rehearse, for lack of a better term, I forgot about (eg- telling Halford he owes me a writing credit on Lochness for fixing the chorus, as well as Holen’s questions)

    Also, here’s a taste of that Stones’ DVD-

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  3. Regarding Sad Wings prog fat. Raw Deal and Let Us Pray don’t thrill me, but they’re both pretty good. Just a little lethargic. Could be the production too. There’s more NWOBHM briefness in Sad Wings. I also think the ballada drag less, Dreamer Deceiver is awesome.

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  4. Enjoyed this show and see that Harrison is real. I wish I could made the whole thing, but glad to catch a little. Now I have a good idea of which Priest albums to skip and which ones to not. I only have a handful of their albums.

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  5. Just watched it. Didn’ t u already do a priest review? Oh no, it was when u showed parts of your collection and went over that Priest box set. Was good to see u Harrison.

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    1. Yeah I hope this wasn’t too much Priest repeat for ya. Hopefully not. One thing for sure, the live streams have been great if you like Priest.

      Hopefully will have Harrison on again! This weekend wasn’t a good one for live streaming all day like last time. It was simply too cold and wet outside and I couldn’t do it inside. But good news, I got some more gadgets in the mail, so the live streams should hopefully start looking and sounding even better.


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