Live Streamin’ Weekend

Yes folks!  Weather and wi-fi permitting, live streaming resumes this weekend!  The plan is to go live Friday night with more lists and more Deke!  We are calling this episode “Seek the Deke” and you can guess what the lists will be about based on that clue.  This is tentatively planned for Friday June 26, sometime around 7:00 PM EST.

At some point this weekend I’ll also be going through the box of CDs I inherited from Uncle Don Don — looking over the titles, and I’ll also show you how we used to buy these at the Record Store.  Checking for quality and quantity!

As long as Covid keeps interfering with our summer, I will be there to keep you entertained.  Facebook:  Michael Ladano



    1. No Apple Music but send me a buck or two and you can download it. LOL

      GREAT show last night, I am editing it now for YouTube, I sincerely hope you have time to watch it. We had a great time Deke and I.

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      1. I hate I missed it, but family comes first. We went and grabbed dinner and started watching ‘Inception’…long movie, will have to finish another night.

        I intend to go watch as I do enjoy the streaming!

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        1. I have never seen Inception but I know the premise thanks to Rick and Morty!

          FAMILY FIRST, always.

          I’m editing it now and it went so smooth with very few technical difficulties. The biggest issue was a squirrel fight right over my head.

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  1. Thanks for doing the AC/DC list. What a band. I only got 4. The ones I had as a kid.
    1. Back in Black
    2. For those about to Rock
    3. Flick of the Switch
    4. Who made Who
    5. Fly on the Wall

    For years those were the only ones I had. So I’m sticking to that.


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