Friday Solo Stream – 80s KISS!

The rest of the gang has the weekend off, giving me the opportunity to go solo, just like Peter Criss did in 1980!  Join me Friday July 24 at 7:00 PM E.S.T. for this week’s live show.

We will be discussing 80s !  From Unmasked to H.I.T.S. and everything in between.  Am I still wrong on Unmasked?  Has my opinion changed further since my 2017 re-review?  80s Kiss is such a rich subject, with multiple lineup changes and a steady stream of polarizing music.  I hope you will enjoy and participate in the topics I have lined up.

As an added BONUS there will also be a birthday unboxing!  Who is this parcel from?  You know him and love him too.  Suffice to say he always sends something interesting….

Join me at 7:00 PM E.S.T. for your thrills in the night.  Facebook: Michael Ladano



  1. Ratings out of 5.

    Unmasked – 2.5
    Elder – 3.25
    Creatures – 4.5
    Lick – 4
    Animalize – 3
    Asylum – 3
    Crazy Nitez – 1.5
    Hot in the Shit – 0

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  2. Love 80’s Kiss, even like Unmasked, but not sure what I would rate it, I guess we will find out in a couple months. ha! I will try to make it, but we are heading out on vacation tomorrow so might not have time which sucks because these are always fun.

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      1. Yeah, sorry man. It the Jays season opener tonight and it has become a family tradition were we all watch and text each other. Then I have two movies I need to cram in before a record tomorrow.

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