This Sunday Chuckle is brought to you by Samuel L. Jackson

I just think it’s cool that I have two Samuel L. Jackson figures in the same scale from the same toy company and from two of my favourite franchises.

The two figures are Marvel Legends’ Nick Fury (from Captain Marvel) and Star Wars The Black Series Mace Windu (Episode II and III).  They use this new digital facial scanning technology to get the faces eerily accurate.  Which do you think looks most like Jackson himself?





  1. Both look pretty close to me though if I had to choose one, the eyes on the Star Wars one would be the tie-breaker – do either have an audio button (or string like Woody in Toy Story)? It would be fun to have a Pulp Fiction one with some audio of him talking about TV pilots & Bible verses!

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    1. Good question Geoff! No audio gimmick, but I wish they did. Early Phantom Menace figures came with a sound chip so they could play audio clips when paired with a clip player. I don’t recall if there was a Jackson figure in that line but I do not think so. Each character had three clips I believe. Chancellor Palpatine said, “The senate is full of greedy, squabbling delegates” I’ll never forget that. This is a toyline aimed at kids and the figure says “The senate is full of greedy, squabbling delegates”

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        1. A more talented person than I could, with a little putty and paint, make the Nick Fury head into a perfect Pulp Fiction Jackson. I know you can see the potential to.


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