New Release Live Stream with 2loud2oldmusic, Mr. Books & Buried on Mars

A great show was had thanks to John / 2 loud 2 old music, Aaron/ Mr. Books, and Kevin / Buried on Mars!  You want to know about all the key rock releases in your future?  Then this is the show for you.

We looked at the upcoming AC/DC album Power Up in some detail.  We analysed the upcoming Iron Maiden live album Night of the Dead.  Thin Lizzy, Tom Petty, Mr. Bungle, and lots more.  John, thank you for putting so much time and effort into your research for this show.  And thanks to everyone for co-hosting with me. To check out the new releases, start at 0:19:00 of the video.

I did an unboxing from CD Japan at the top of the show.  Go to 0:04:30 of the stream to see what I got!  All Japanese imports, all with bonus tracks.

At the end of the show we were joined by Saige from Weeping Willow Creations, who designed the new LeBrain Train artwork!  I wanted to give her a chance to promote her work.  You can click that link to get to her Instagram.  I think she did a fantastic job and I’m really happy with the new graphics.  Saige joined us at 2:17:15.



  1. So you said that you wished you were more of a Tom Petty fan for that Wildflowers release, so just how into him are you? A singles kind of guy, or do you have a few of his albums? I know you reviewed Traveling Wilburys.

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      1. Yep, I know but that’s to be expected. Kinda like with Metallica releasing new album and it’s not Kill ’em all and it will never be. Or aging athletes are never going to have their best season again near retirement. But what’s cool about that is that u can still be a fan and root for them. Right?

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        1. Absolutely I don’t want Bon Jovi to fail in any way — that is not my goal at all! And I hope you were not offended by my Bon Jovi talk. And we can always just agree that we love some Bon Jovi in our lives. I did praise some specific songs from the later albums that I love. Though I forgot to mention Work For the Working Man.


    1. Yeah sorry about that. I wasn’t going to bring up Bon Jovi until Michelle Sarre started boycotting my show! What happened was I was shooting my mouth off on Facebook about Jon’s voice etc. So I got in trouble for that.


    1. It was a great show! Each one is different — this one felt really free flowing, fun, and informative. I hope everyone got that vibe. My mom continues to be a fan of you two guys. She emailed me immediately after the show.


  2. Not feeling the new AC/Dc single yet. Had to cut your show short this morning, will watch the rest later. Love hearing folks talking about music, always have. Listened to 2020 again with the bonus tracks, not feeling them either but still crazy about the actual album. Loving the new Petty tracks….Looking forward to reading review on that Loudness box set. No new toys? Talking about Hasbro we finally finished watching the Transformers movies. Only fell asleep on two of them…Have u seen them all?

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    1. Yes I have seen them all. Harrison wants me to review all six — I have only reviewed the first three. Actually Harrison and I have a Transformers themed show planned!

      Actually there was a new toy but too big to really show off on camera. Maybe I’ll show him off in the future. One of the only characters in the mythology that I didn’t have until now.

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  3. Dude, I’m so mad that I missed this week’s livestream because I have so much to say, but I did buy four new albums from the mall (including Iron Maiden’s ‘A Matter of Life and Death’), so not a total loss, but I’m still upset. I’m glad I watched it tonight, however, so be prepared for my long comment!

    In terms of Bon Jovi, I’m with you! I don’t care about the new Bon Jovi stuff. I chatted with John from 2Loud2OldMusic through the comments on his Bon Jovi albums ranked post. Basically, I went on about how I’m determined not to check anything out from Bon Jovi after Richie’s departure, Jon’s ego is the worst, and it’s no wonder why Richie left because it seemed like it was all about Jon to begin with! This is just my opinion, but Richie was the better-looking one and I don’t get why all the girls were crazy over Jon. Richie has WAY better showmanship than Jon and I commented on a youtube video that they should just get Richie to sing the songs since Jon can’t sing anymore. I think ‘Crush’ was the last good Bon Jovi album, but that’s for another time. I’m so with you on the patriotic songs. It’s like with the religious songs he did as well. It’s like are you a priest or something? Why would you sing about bringing peace and giving thanks to the working men?!?! Don’t even get me started on “Work for the Working Man,” I thought that was the dumbest song I’ve ever heard! Jon Bon Jovi went from 80s rockstar to an old fashioned motivational speaker! I don’t know how to describe it, but I found the whole thing cheesy! I’m sure Jon is a nice guy and I hate to offend anyone, but ugh!

    I’m glad your wife is feeling better from her seizure, that scared the heck out of me watching the livestream tonight!

    I thought the train for your livestream was based on AC/DC’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Train” haha, but it’s cool your wife came up with that and Saige did an amazing job with the train artwork.

    I give “Shot in the Dark” 3/5 stars as well because it’s not my favorite AC/DC riff, the chorus isn’t that good or memorable, but I give them props for putting out new music during a time when we need it most! I’d give Phil Rudd’s drums a 5 though!

    I have a couple of requests for topics for livestreams if I may? The first one is comparing Def Leppard from the late 70s till now, and what you like about the new stuff and what you miss from the old stuff. I don’t know if John would be interested in that, but I think that’d be a cool topic. I love John’s Def Leppard funko pops too! My second topic suggestion would be the future of streaming sites and your thoughts on them. How it affected the music business and do people still buy CDs?

    I love that all of you don’t drink (with the exception of Kevin sort of, but he said he’d only drink 5 times a year, so I guess he doesn’t drink much either), take care of your health and it’ll pay off in the long run! I drank a few times before I turned 21 and I was so excited to drink legally when I turned 21, but the moment I heard about Steve Clark’s death (and Rick Allen’s arrest, which again we don’t need to discuss), I quit completely. That was 2019, so only a year and not that big of a deal, but yeah!

    Overall, great live stream and I enjoyed every minute of it. I think I got all my main points out there.

    I’m curious though, how often do you listen to CDs, and do you use streaming sites like Apple Music or Spotify? I’m asking because I’ve been obsessed with buying old CDs recently, but I don’t know if it’s worth it because I love the CDs I bought this summer, but I want to still have money for concerts too in the long run.

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    1. Well thank you Lana! I will try and answer everything here.

      First of all congrats on getting A Matter of Life and Death. Uncle Meat and I both rate it 5/5 stars and I think it’s the best of the reunion era.

      I actually like Work for the Working Man. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Jon can identify with the working man anymore. I just like the song. It has a good pulse to it. It pumps. The chorus is decent if cheesy. I really don’t mean to offend with the patriotism thing either. I support the same things Jon does but I don’t wanna hear about it in song. Not anymore.

      OK on the Def Lep! I bet John and maybe Deke would be on board. I’ll throw the idea in the hat. Next week I’m changing it up. It will be Saturday, 8 AM eastern standard time, because we have a special guest from France coming in.

      All good on the seizures! Saturday was a rough day but all good today.

      I don’t listen to the actual CDs at all anymore. Just once to rip them onto the PC. However I always have the packaging and liner notes to read when I listen to the album.

      Thanks for the awesome comment and thanks for watching! We’ll be baaaaaaack.

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      1. I apologize for the previous long comment! I remember someone reviewed ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ saying it was really good, so I bought it. Also it was the cheapest one at the Book Off.

        Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know you liked that song! I like that Jon focuses on being a good citizen, but yeah I agree with you about the patriotism thing. I hope my comment wasn’t too offensive either.

        Woah I think 8am est is 2am in Hawaii haha. I’ll see what I can do! What will you guys be discussing?

        I’m glad your wife is feeling much better today!

        Ahhh I see. You don’t listen to the CDs anymore. I guess it’s fun to collect them then.


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