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        1. Even your interviews with Jack Frost and Greg Fraiser? I’m getting worried now! Is Jen ok? Is it a mental health thing? Whatever you’re going through, I hope everything works out!


      1. Why the hell are three plumbers involved? Were the first two useless? Unable to fix it? Unable to diagnose it?

        She needs to tell them of her appointment and just go. If they come while she’s gone, that’s on her. No way is it reasonable to make someone wait all day. A range of a few hours is fine, even furniture stores do that, but all day? Hell no.

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        1. OK this might be hard to explain but here goes.

          I live in a condo. The pipes are the responsibility of the building management. They set up the plumbers. I’m not paying these plumbers.

          The first plumber said “I dunno” and left.

          The second plumber said “It’s the main pipe” and took pictures of the issue.

          The third plumber was supposed to come today but had to cancel due to emergency.

          We are at the mercy of the management, because these are not my pipes, I can’t do anything.

          Her appointment already happened, it was 1:30 AM. Now she can have a sleep because we know a plumber isn’t coming.


        2. I’m glad it worked out for your lovely wife, but man, “I dunno” and just taking pictures, I think management needs to find better plumbers. It’ll only end up costing them more in the long run if they don’t get it done faster because the damage will spread. Are these pipes in your condo, or from above or beside, or something?

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        3. Dude I am so many beefs with management right now… It would make your eyes bleed reading it. Let’s just say I’ve heard we may be changing management companies soon.

          They are from above. And it’s drain water so it smells terrible. It’s awful man.

          I will say though that Jen has been awesome for the last week, taking care of this issue. She’s been putting her own life aside and taking the bull by the horns and that’s not easy with her health but she’s doing an amazing job. On the phone every day, getting it done.


        4. Your lovely wife rocks, sir!

          Drain water? UGH. That sucks. And I’ve been there. Rememeber when I said we had a leaking toilet in the upstairs bathroom that wrecked the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom? Yeah. I can TOTALLY commiserate, man.

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        5. I feel bad…until this is fixed I can’t focus on my show, so I told Deke I had to cancel…which I didn’t even think about how it effects him. But he’s continuing with the Storm Force interview next week. He asked me to ride shotgun and I can do that for him.


        6. You know he’s going to handle it fine! It’ll give him a chance to do something that, honestly, he should be doing. He’s good enough to host his own show. He’s been wanting to launch it for a while. Now he has a killer debut episode to launch with. I’m happy to sit there and be his Andy Richter! It’s a shame I lost this opportunity to host it myself. But a) community and b) Deke asks the guests anyway. If I can’t put 100% into my interviews I’d rather let someone else do it.


        7. That’s great foresight, and COMMUNITY indeed! Where have I heard that word before? ;)

          Hey, totally unrelated: Do you have the Jacob Moon CD called The World I Left Behind in your collection?


        8. You know, come to think of it, the first plumbing company we called out said they’d fixed it but didn’t. It was the second plumber who properly diagnosed it. Trades like that, they don’t even answer the phone half the time because they are already run off their feet as it is. So I think sometimes you get the less-trusted ones from the bottom of the barrel because they will still pick up the phone. Blech.

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        9. Sounds about right. And get this — the water main just blew on the street outside. So now we have no water! Feast or famine, am I right?

          I took the afternoon off to deal with all this stuff, and to make sure I’m taking care of my mental health.


        10. Oh yeah city is out there right now, I can hear the machines from my window. Just funny. At least I don’t have a leak right now. Things are drying out nice!


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