Hiatus Update

I’m sorry for “vaguebooking”.  I can tell by the number of concerned messages that it wasn’t a good idea.

We have a couple problems to deal with, some health related, and one plumbing disaster.  It is taking maddenly long to resolve.  Until it’s fixed I can’t do this site.  It’s taking up all my energy, and also the time that I normally would spend doing creative stuff.  The third plumber cancelled today because somebody else had a more dire emergency, which is fine.  But it has been over a week since we first reported this issue to the condo management.  We have to replace the carpet, the drywall and redo some tiles.  But the plumbing has to be fixed first and that’s condo responsibility.

Deke will be taking over the Storm Force interview, with me riding shotgun.  He’s just getting everything set up to stream, so keep an eye on Superdekes for updates.  I’ve cancelled the Jack Frost interview, but hope to reschedule when this is all resolved.

As Deke would say though, it’s not all bad.  Yesterday Mark from Encore Records stopped by to deliver a whole bunch of music that I ordered.  Yes, that’s what you think it is.  It’s the massive Metallica 2021 box set.  24 hours of music.  Also Permanent Waves box set by Rush, and a Kiss radio broadcast of the same Tokyo show that was recently released officially.  I ordered this a long time ago, before that official bootleg was even announced.  I just forgot about it and never picked it up.  Fortunately Mark kept it and brought it with him!  I have a weekend of music, at least.

Hoping to be back soon.  Sorry for worrying you.





  1. That’s too bad about the plumbing & heath issues, glad to hear you’re otherwise OK.
    And the interview will be in good hands with Deke – to use an early 90s Jays analogy, it’s like Duane Ward is coming out of the game and Tom Henke’s coming in, things will be just fine!

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    1. Actually yes. We have a secondary leak that we need fixed and that’s on us, so I would appreciate some good plumber info.

      Also need a contractor to repair the damage in the kitchen and bathroom. Tile, drywall, carpet and cabinet.


        1. Look for companies with “And Sons” in their name, more likely a smaller scale business with more need to be good at what they do. The bigger companies who charge a fee just to show up and have plausible deniability because they have so many workers are to be avoided, I’d say.

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        2. Good. The bigger corps have a great sell job but the end product is rushed and impersonal and (we discovered) needing re-done. Our leaky toilet fooled one company twice and they still didn’t get it.


      1. sorry meant that I got the 3 cd version instead of the super deluxe set u got of ‘tallica…It only has remastered album, riffs, demos etc disc and wherever we may roam live set. How far have u listened to your mega set?

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        1. I’ve played the first four vinyl and I’m now part way into the Russia concert. This weekend if I have time I’ll start getting into the DVDs.

          It’s going to takes a month to play it all!


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