Hiatus Continues, Progress Made

One “plumbing disaster” has been fixed.  A second, more containable leak, remains to be repaired.

I wasn’t thrilled when the emergency plumbers showed up complaining that it was a Friday night, but we take what we get.

I no longer have water on my floor. There was a main drainage pipe with a crack in it.  They had to come at it from two directions:  from the bathroom wall, and the kitchen cabinets.  I have a huge hole in the wall now, some cabinets that need repair, and some tile and carpet to replace.  And a secondary kitchen leak.  At least we’re not dealing with water on the floor anymore.

Since I’ve been unable to commit any time to the kind of interviews I’m used to doing, Superdekes is taking over the Greg Fraser (Storm Force) interview for his new show Scotch On the Rocks.  Link below.  I am confident this show will be bigger than the LeBrain Train ever was.  I’ll be hanging out with Deke as sidekick for the evening.  Scotch on the Rocks is the next step of evolution for the live stream community.  Out with the old, in with the Scotch!

As for the health stuff, what can we do?  Keep going.  Keep going.  Keep going.

I’ve managed to get some of my crap in order, and I have mailed out the first four copies of the new Max the Axe CD Oktoberfest Cheer.  I have one copy for sale remaining, and a couple review CDs for those interested.  Please contact me for details.

I received a cool box of music from Aaron as well as managed to crack the seal on the new Metallica box set.  Combing through the CDs, I have determined that all the single B-sides from the Metallica album made it into the box set.  As for Aaron’s box, I’ve been wanting that Indiana Jones soundtrack for a long time.  Maybe one day I’ll even return to writing and get to review it.



  1. Man I have been there, life got busy and interest wanes and… what was it… oh yeah, we had babies! Lol actually I probably wrote more then ‘cos I was wired for sound. Who knows if any of it was coherent. Anyway, just go with the flow, you’ll get there or you won’t. I’m guessing you will, eventually, just know there’s no pressure.

    I’m so glad that box arrived safely. And to have only one thing in it that you didn’t already have has to be some kind of record! Call the Guiness officators!

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    1. Awesome box. Very much enjoying the contents.

      Writing will return eventually if only to publish the 20 articles I finished.

      The show, I’m thinking maybe Deke should take over.


      1. Hooray! It’s the first box of loot since everything shut down. I was worried I’d lost the knack!

        Take your time on the writing. Even if you stay away til you feel it, you may well one day feel like it again.

        Is Deke onboard for such an undertaking?

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        1. Yeah dude I got some local peeps coming on along with Jensen and Dawson who will get back to me with a date in November and we will get you on with Rob as it will be a show about KISS Destroyer and nothing but….

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  2. I’m glad to hear that some things are improving for you. I do hate to be the bearer of this news, but there’s an extended edition of that Indy soundtrack available with more songs on it.

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  3. For the Metallica singles, I know some of the live B-sides are mixed differently than on the box set.

    Speaking of the box set, so tempted to buy it just for the Moscow Show. Top 3 best ‘Tallica, easily

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    1. Russia show is the one playing in the car right now. Just finished Whiplash.

      Good thing I have the original singles eh! I doubt most people will notice any difference but you are right, these are not the same mixes.

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