Slik Toxik bucket list interview with Nick Walsh – Scotch on the Rocks

Thank you to Nicholas Walsh and Superdekes for an awesome interview last night.  The Slik Toxik / Famous Underground singer opened up on a ton of topics from his entire career:

  • Virgin Angel, Portrait and Slik Toxik
  • Meeting Sebastian Bach
  • Sending audition tapes to Ratt and Jimmy Page
  • Calling hotel security on his own band
  • Kicking Deke and Mike off the show and taking over Scotch on the Rocks on his own!
  • Future Famous Underground
  • Classic Albums Live
  • Detroit Rock City
  • Drew Masters and M.E.A.T Magazine
  • Geri Miller of Metal Edge Magazine
  • Sean Kelly and Metal On Ice

…and much much more.  A true bucket list interview for me.  Thank you guys!  Can’t wait for Part 2.


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