I really didn’t expect it to be this hard!  Everybody said it was easy!  It is not.

The first two days were fine.  Day three was difficult but day four was supposed to be the day I started bouncing back.  That clearly wasn’t happening.  By 3 AM on Sunday morning, I knew things weren’t right in Texas so I went to the hospital.  Five hours later I was out with codeine and antibiotics. It has been slow progress since then.

I basically can’t eat solid food and can’t open my mouth more than a centimeter.  The pain is currently under control but the swelling is extensive and I’ve no doubt it will be a long time before I’m able to eat normally again.  Until I have the energy to write regularly again, I’ll be holding all new posts back.  I have a review of the new Ozzy locked and loaded along with a bunch of CD singles.  I don’t want to release them all and lose all my backlog.

Thanks to everyone for all the support.  This has sucked more than I expected.  I hope I’m back to normal soon.



* I was lucky it was only five hours.  The waiting room was filled with girls on drugs, their hockey playing boyfriends, and hypochondriac, conspiracy theorist parents whose kids had a mild cough.  I know someone in another city who had to wait 15 hours and was never seen, so he left.



  1. Sorry to hear it didn’t go smoothly. Maybe the older you get the harder recovery is as I was pretty young when I did it. Not that your old! LOL!! My Ozzy review for the You Pick It series posts on Monday FYI…shameless plug.


        1. Awww well thank you sir. It appears to me now that there were two complications. The infection was one, bit now that is healed, I can tell there’s some severe muscle stress around my jaw making it painful to eat and talk. I fear that will take some time to heal, as muscle damage often does.

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        2. Glad the infections is gone. And, yes, that observation on muscle damage sounds accurate. I spent two days a week ago coughing really hard and now I’ve got a spot in my midsection that really hurts if I sneeze or cough. It was funny at first but it’s dragging on a little now.

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